9 Celebrity Makeup Artist Hacks You Need In Your Life Right Now

When it comes to the best makeup hacks and beauty secrets, who better to ask than the ones who make beauty their business? There’s no doubt that celebrity makeup artists have learned a few hacks over the years, and you might be surprised at how easy they are to incorporate at home. Let’s dive into # celebrity makeup artist hacks that have only been used on Hollywood’s most famous faces- until now!


Prep Your Skin for Makeup

Charlotte Tilbury, celebrity makeup artist, uses a very specific technique to prepare the skin for makeup. She calls it the “Tilbury Tap,” and says it’s been her behind the scenes secret since very early in her career.

To use the technique at home, you’ll need your favorite moisturizer. Wake up your skin by tapping the moisturizer into the cheekbones, forehead, chin, and nose with a patting motion. This type of facial massage boosts circulation in the face and stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Give it a try- it will become your secret weapon for depuffing the face and getting your glow on in the morning!


Apply Your Undereye Concealer the Right Way

Sir John, celebrity makeup artist to Beyoncé, says your under eye concealer should like a second skin. He recommends warming it on the back of your hand and then tap it gently into the under eyes. This technique will thin it out so that it melds with the skin and looks more natural and lived in.


Thicken and Volumize Your Lashes Without Falsies

Let’s face it, applying falsies takes a certain amount of skill. It’s not easy, and it’s definitely not something you want to try when you’re in a hurry. Makeup artist Quinn Murphy has figured out a foolproof way to volumize and thicken the lashes when you don’t have the time (or skills) to apply falsies.

She simply coats the lashes with a loose powder and a clean spoolie, then applies two coats of mascara. Easy peasy!


Layer Your Highlight

We’re all obsessed with highlight, including Alexx Mayo, Lizzo’s favorite makeup artist. He loves to layer highlighters and doesn’t limit himself to powder ones either. For an extra glowing finishing touch, he layers facial oil on the high points of the face.


Avoid the Cakey Foundation

Makeup artist Tobi Henney, who works with celebs like Ashley Graham, says cakey foundation can ruin your whole look, but it’s easily avoidable. She loves K-beauty inspired makeup & cosmetics and swears by K-beauty facial mists as a quick fix to refresh and set foundation without powder, which often looks unnatural on the skin.

She recommends spritzing foundation lightly, then using a duo-fiber brush to buff foundation into the skin to achieve a dewy, fresh look.


Get the Perfect Look with Minimal Products

Celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder says you can get the perfect, polished makeup look with just a few products. Skip foundation and go right in with a creamy concealer, dabbing and blending only where you need it. Leave the rest of your skin bare.

Then go in with the same cream blush on your lips and cheeks. Finish the look with a touch of mascara and you’ve got a quick, natural, and cohesive look with only three products.


Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh and Clean

If you want to keep your makeup looking fresh and clean all day, Tamah Krinsky says you should finish your makeup application by removing a little bit of makeup. When you’re all done with your makeup, take a cotton swab and dampen it with cleansing water.

Then use it just under the lash line and anywhere else you have fine lines to remove any excess makeup. Swipe it down the sides of the nose where makeup often collects, too. This will keep your makeup looking fresh and prevent settling and caking.


Try the “Blush Sandwich” Technique

Getting your blush on is a key makeup trend in 2020, says Scott Barns, J-Lo’s go-to makeup artist. His signature technique is all about using a “blush sandwich” to create a natural, youthful glow. He recommends applying your foundation with a brush and then applying a layer of strong blush over top.

Go back in with your foundation brush (without adding more foundation to the brush) and buff the color into your skin. This creates a blush sandwich that traps the color between the two layers of foundation. It will help your blush look youthful and natural while making it last all day.


Refresh Your Makeup Without Starting Over

Let’s say you’re in a rush to head out to dinner with your man, but the makeup you applied in the morning isn’t looking so fresh now. Your first instinct is probably to apply more makeup or wash it all off and start over again.

Makeup artist Colleen Campbell-Olwell says there’s a better way. She takes a makeup wipe and dabs it where you’re most likely to crease. Then she stipples a little bit of moisturizer on with a foundation brush. Now, stipple on concealer to blend it into your other makeup.

Now, can add a bit of blush or touch up your eyeshadow as needed. It’s much faster than removing and reapplying your makeup, and it will look much better than simply adding more makeup over top.


Help Your Lipstick Stay Put

And, last but not least, we have a hack from celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee. One of her favorite tricks is to use a blotting sheet to blot the first layer of a bright lipstick. The blotting paper leaves the pigment behind but removes the oil and wax.

When you add a second layer, you’ll have twice as much pigment, which keeps your lipstick in place much longer.uzz


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