8 ways to make your wedding day even more special

Your wedding day will likely be one of the most important and memorable days of your life. Not only will you get to see all of your friends and family mingling together, but you’ll marry the love of your life and mark the start of a whole new chapter. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure your wedding day is as special it can be, so below, we’ve put together some ideas…

Add a photobooth

We’ve all got state-of-the-art cameras in our smartphones, but there’s something pretty cool about hiring a photo booth and getting friends and family to have some fun. Buy trinkets and cool props and accessories for people to play around with, and you’ll have memories that will last forever. Add a photo gallery to your Facebook Event page so everyone can keep them!

Forget about tradition

Your wedding day is yours, so forget about traditions and do things the way you want to. It’s so easy to get bogged down after reading blogs, bowing to peer pressure or stalking wedding Pinterest boards. Sure, it’s always a good idea to model your wedding day off of others’ to save you time and get some ideas, but tear up the rulebook if you feel like it.

Give your guests a gift

Add a personal touch by placing a his and hers gift on each guest’s place setting. Not only is this a great way to thank your friends and family for coming, but it creates momentos that your guests will be able to take home and cherish. Think pens, wooden initials or trinkets.

Create a guest book area

Want to encourage your guests to share their special memories with you? Create a guest book area at your wedding reception with different pens and inks, so guests can add their own touch of individuality to your special day. Better yet, add a Polaroid camera there too so guests can take a selfie and add it to your book. The more imaginative, the better it’ll be!

Handfasting ceremony

Got Irish blood in you? Celtic hand-fasting rituals are a great way to symbolise the binding together of their separate lives and the commitment they’re making together. When you choose Claddagh rings on top, you’ll really pay tribute to your roots and create a ceremony that will be remembered for many years to come, from generations old and new…

Choose the perfect song

One of the hardest parts of any wedding is choosing the right song for the First Dance. We recommend choosing a song with real sentimental value – not something everyone else chooses! And remember that your wedding day is all about you, so don’t be tempted by your loved ones to choose songs they want to listen to. Dance away until your heart’s content with music that symbolises your love for one another, and indeed the love of your family.

Honor those who aren’t here

Weddings are all about bringing people together – but what if your loved ones aren’t around anymore? Make them part of your celebration by lighting a candle at the altar for those who have passed, and you’ll feel like you’ve got them by your side when you need them most.

Send handwritten notes

Finally, consider sending handwritten notes to say thank you to loved ones who made your day so special. In today’s social media-obsessed world, there’s rarely an opportunity to put pen to paper, so step back in time and send out postcards to your nearest and dearest.

Whatever you’re planning for your wedding day, we wish you the very best of luck with it. Take your time and remember to focus on what makes you – rather than your guests – happy!

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