8 Music Festival Essentials For Fashionistas

Music festivals are the go-to place for both music lovers and trendy divas. While the music enthusiasts are interested in enjoying performances by their favorite artists, the fashionistas want to grab the opportunity to make their style statements with rocking outfits. No wonder, they want to pack everything that they would need when at the venue. If you are planning to attend a festival soon, you must not miss any of the essentials, ranging from the right kind of clothes to shoes, accessories and more. Here is a list of essentials that you must carry along to a music festival.

Graphic tees

On top of the checklist, you will find graphic tees that get you all the attention you want. They add a fun element to your look, even without digging a hole in your pocket. Stick to basic colors and neutral patterns that you can wear a festival after festival and in a routine as well. The best thing about this option is that it serves a perfect blend of comfort and versatility, even while making a style statement for you.

Crop tops

When it comes to dressing up for music festivals, you must absolutely have some crop tops at hand. While the regular crop top will have you pretty much covered, you can experiment with styles such as one-shoulder and off-shoulder as well. Do pack a fringed top for sure because fringes are the hottest trend of the season. One thing that you need to make sure is that the tops you choose should not get too revealing.

Lightweight jackets

Another essential that you must absolutely pack along is a lightweight jacket that is easy to carry and easier to wear. The days may be hot but you will probably need something warm to wear as the evening chill sets in. A lightweight bomber is a perfect choice as it works well with almost every outfit. You can wear it over a dress, crop top and shorts and even your bikini top. Look for one in a vibrant color if you want to stand apart.

Loose jeans

When you are out for a music festival, you may get troubled due to the heat and humidity. Rather than wearing your regular skinny jeans, slip into a comfy pair of baggy denim that makes you feel easy all day long. Most amazingly, they look super-stylish as well. Just team it with the right crop top and you are all set to look like a diva.

Short shorts

Shorts are a fashion staple for all occasions and music festivals are no exception. Make sure that you pack a few pairs, with variants in denim and cotton and those in short and long lengths. You can explore the Planet Blue festival clothing collection to find an awesome range in shorts and other options in outfits for the occasion. You will probably find some awesome picks here.

Mini dresses

While jeans and shorts are hot favorites in festival fashion, how can you forget the cute and tiny mini dresses? They look stylish and pretty while getting full marks for comfort. And the variety they come in is awesome; you can opt for light and summery solid colors or pick one in bold and daring animal prints. And don’t forget to take along one in a gorgeous floral pattern.


A pair of lightweight sneakers is something that you cannot manage without because you will be outdoors for days at a stretch. The best thing about sneakers is their versatility; you can team them with practically any outfit, from a funky tee and shorts ensemble to a delicate short dress. Pick a pair or two at least, one in a basic and the other in a vibrant color tone. Be very particular about the fit they offer because they should be comfortable enough to be worn day in and day out.


When it comes to listing the accessories for a music festival, the list will be a long one. To start with, carry some funky earrings and bracelets that are eye-catching but not loud. Have a lightweight backpack and a fringed sling bag as well. Since you will be outdoors most of the time, carrying sun protection is mandatory. Pack a pair of sunglasses, a sun hat, and an anti-tan cream as well.

This list of music festival essentials is pretty comprehensive as it has you covered on all fronts. Make sure that you follow it the next time you pack for a music festival so that you don’t miss anything!

Written by Monella

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