8 Celebrities Who Believe in Psychics – Meet Their Celebrity Psychics

Do you envy the glitzy and glamourous lifestyle of famous celebrities? Well, underneath the apparent enigma of stardom, celebrities are just as vulnerable as other people. They don’t have a perfect life. Period. They struggle with the same real-life problems as us. Also, they often need a shoulder to lean on and seek proper advice related to career, love, and money matters.

So, don’t be surprised to know that some of your favorite celebrities regularly consult psychics and even believe in their advice. From reconnecting with deceased family members and pets to finding out whether signing a particular film is the right thing to do – today’s celebrities seek guidance from psychic mediums all the time. And of course, like many of us, they want to know what the outcome of their romantic relationships is going to be.

Now that you have this information, you must be dying to get an inside scoop into what goes on inside a celebrity’s psychic reading session. While we can’t divulge all the details, we can give you a glimpse of the stars who consult psychics and why they do so. Let’s get started.

1. Taylor Swift

Yes, you read that right! Your favorite country singer is a firm believer in psychic powers. Her first brush with a psychic medium happened at a party hosted by her father when she was just 12. A psychic present at the party gave an insight into her bright future and proclaimed that the entire world will know her. A few years later, Swift released her eponymous album and you know the rest of the story.

2. George Clooney

Did you know that George Clooney had a pet pot-bellied pig, Max who was his companion for 18 years? When Max passed on in 2006, it left Clooney devastated. He consulted a psychic medium to reconnect with his long-time companion and found his much-needed closure. Sounds like the plot of a heartwarming Hollywood movie, doesn’t it?

3. Brad Pitt

The handsome heartthrob of Hollywood is a regular client of many celebrity psychics. From film selections to relationship choices, Pitt tends to consult psychics for major life decisions.

4. Jenny McCarthy

Actress and model Jenny McCarthy have admitted to having consulted a cornucopia of celebrity psychics. However, Thomas John is her go-to psychic medium. You likely remember John for his famous prediction of a new pope and the white dress falling at the Oscars.

5. Khloe Kardashian

If there’s one person who can keep up with the Kardashians (and even stay a step ahead of them), it’s celebrity psychic Tyler Henry. When Khloe Kardashian consulted Henry (of the Hollywood Medium fame) in 2017 regarding the future of her relationship, he predicted that Khloe would break up with her present boyfriend.

This is despite the fact that she was dating basketball player Tristan Thompson and the couple was expecting their first child. Little did we know that the prediction would come true a few months down the line when Thompson cheated on Kardashian with Jordyn Woods. The couple split in 2019 only to rekindle their relationship while quarantining together due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

6. Amber Rose

Khloe Kardashian isn’t the only celebrity socialite who consulted a psychic for matters of the heart. When TV personality Amber Rose called it quits with the then-husband Wiz Khalifa, she got a psychic reading to know about her future relationships. The medium advised Rose to avoid dating rappers and even predicted that the name of her next beau will start with the letter “T”. And voila! She started dating NBA star Terrence Ross soon after.

7. Lil Kim

Lil Kim is another popular celebrity in Tyler Henry’s show-worthy and enviable client. The famous rapper approached Henry to connect with her deceased mentor and handler, The Notorious B.I.G. During the session Henry revealed that Notorious B.I.G. considers Lil Kim to be his soulmate.

8. Jennifer Lopez

Did you know that J. Lo called off her wedding with Ben Affleck after consulting a Los Angeles-based psychic medium? She even reached out to a psychic before the filming of Angel Eyes began in Toronto. That’s not all! She’s known to get regular psychic readings done for matters related to her singing and acting career.

Psychic Reading for Us Commoners?

Here’s some good news – you don’t have to be a celebrity to be able to find an authentic and credible psychic reader. It’s even possible to get a free psychic reading done from the comfort of your home. But make sure you choose your psychic wisely. You can use websites such as Mysticmag to find out more about popular psychic reading services.

Written by Monella

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