7 of the Most Tragic Christmas Stories Ever Witnessed

Not all Christmas holidays end in happy memories and moods. Some are tragic and look and feel like they are something from your worst nightmare. Best brace yourself before you read some of these factual horrific incidents that happened on Christmas day.Nobody wants to have a tragic Christmas after receiving beautiful presents and trucking Christmas cards, this is because Christmas is a time of love, happiness and merry. So, in as much as you plan to head out with your friends and family members to have the fun of your life, be careful and watch out for any signs that may turn your Christmas into a tragedy.

The most horrific Christmas day massacres in history

On December 25th, 1929, Charlie Lawson murders his whole family on a farm in North Carolina before he takes his own life. Who would have ever imagined his/her father murdering them on Christmas day? Lawson’s family sure didn’t. the victims included his six children and a wife who he had been married to for almost 20 years. The youngest child was only four months old while the eldest was sixteen. There was an eighth child who died of pneumonia some years before the massacre.

The eldest child was the only person to survive the bloodbath. But that was only because he was out running an errand when tragedy struck. Lawson killed his family by shooting or beating them to death. To date, investigators can only theorize what could have driven the family patriarch to do something as gruesome as that. That is the one secret he took to his grave.

After killing his family members, Charlie then walked to the woods where he took his own life. Evidence at the scene where he committed suicide showed that he paced back and forth for a while. As if thinking what he had done or thought twice about taking his own life. He pulled the trigger on himself and died.

New Jersey murder

On December 25th, 2013, a man was trying to get into a strip club in New Jersey but was barred from doing so by the bouncer at the time, Woodley Daniel. After several failed attempts. The man took out a gun and shot the bouncer who died on the spot. As if that was not bad enough, he killed two other bouncers and wounded two other men. The wounded men only escaped death by a whisker. The man was then arrested on the Christmas morning and charged with murder and two accounts of aggravated assault. Nobody knows what may have transpired between the man and the bouncer to make the man go crazy enough to kill him plus two other men. Even attempting to kill the two more men.

Little Rock

December 25th, 2013, 20-year-old Jamar Jordan took out a gun and shot and killed an unsuspecting 23-year-old Austin Burks. When the incident occurred, Burks was removing his children from his car. For reasons that are still not too clear, Jordan took out his gun and shot Burks and dashed off in his burgundy Nissan Maxima. What made the incident worse was that Burks’ children witnessed the whole thing. Their Christmas was the day they saw their father die in front of them. Jordan then apparently turned himself in later. Burks was a great father, a son, and uncle.

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