7 Precautious Steps You Should Take Before You Hire A Plumber

Plumbing faults need immediate attention. If not repaired in time, they may cost you thousands of dollars for a repair work worth a few hundred dollars, in damages. Hiring a plumber who has the expertise and professional know-how of the task can help with timely checks and control of any plumbing fault.

In this guide, we bring you top tips to hire the best plumber for your repair work.

1. Check If They Are A Licensed Practitioner

The very first step towards hiring a plumber is to make sure that they are licensed to practice the profession. Almost all the states require professionals to appear in exam and score their license. A license can ensure that the professional has the required skills and expertise to resolve the fault. Moreover, hiring a licensed plumber can save you in taxes, since, they can provide you with a legally valid receipt for the services.

2. Get An Estimate For The Total Cost

Before you narrow down your search for a perfect plumber, make sure you analyze the cost. Ask your plumber for an estimate of the job in total. You can enquire about the complete break-up of the cost. This may include labor costs, the accessories, and any other supplies they might need. Of course, you wouldn’t want to burn holes in your pocket. Gary Sandler from Second Opinion Plumbing says that a major scam to be aware of involves plumbers advertising a $500 water heater, but then finding a list of tasks needing to be done before installation, bringing the cost up to $1500 or more. Getting a perfect estimate or at least a close to perfect one can ensure that you don’t spend unnecessarily. 

3. Make Sure You Know The Rate

While you are enquiring about the total cost for the repair job, you should also inquire if they charge on an hourly basis or a flat rate. This is important as repair jobs can take unforeseen turns, and new problems can occur at any time. If the rate they charge is on an hourly basis, then you might end up paying a lot more than the quoted estimate. On the contrary, if you are sure of the job to be completed in a few hours, then paying the hourly rates may be a better choice.

4. Do They Need To Be Paid In Advance?

Now that you know how much the repair work will cost you, it’s time to decide the payment details. Yes, you should inquire with your plumber about the mode of payment as well as the status of payment. Some professionals prefer advance payments either in full or in part, while others bill after the job is done. Both payment modes have their own benefits. For example, advance payment can relieve you from the situations, where the cost may exceed what you’ve paid. Similarly, paying at the end can ensure that the work is delivered with the utmost quality.

5. Who’ll Be Doing The Work?

While some companies have skilled plumbers who undertake the repair jobs, others work as individuals. It is best to know who will be doing the task. If you’ve contacted an agency or a service provider, ask them for the details of the repairman they’ll be sending over. This is to ensure that the person has good feedback and knows his job. Moreover, having these details can also safeguard you from any potential threats or scams of robbery and vandalism.

6. Will The Professional Clean Up Follow

There’s an annoying task associated with repair jobs- the cleanup. Usually, the plumbers provide post-job clean-up services as complimentary. Having enquired about the cleaning tasks can help avoid the stress and you can rest assured that all the mess will be taken care of.

7. Who’ll Be Responsible For Any Damage Caused?

Often, repair jobs involve breakage or damage to the surrounding equipment and auxiliary accessories. This may be caused collaterally or due to negligence. In any case, it is best to negotiate with the company about the responsibility for such damages. You wouldn’t want to pay for a damaged part, which is not at your fault. Usually, these objects are covered under your insurance policy. Nevertheless, you should still make sure that the agency or the company takes full responsibility for the damages caused due to a repair job.

Plumbing repairs are best resolved with professional assistance. They have the required skills and are also equipped with the necessary tools to complete the task. The risk of any unwanted damage is minimized with the help of a professional. With the help of these precautionary steps, you can ensure that you have the best repairman on the task.

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