7 Pain-free Upper Lip Hair Removal Methods for Your Perfect Date Night

Nothing is worse than your makeup being on-point, and outfit slaying, but having your entire look ruined by an innocuous shadow of hair on your upper lip. Despite regular upper lip hair removal, you probably find yourself wishing that you could reach up with a magic eraser and remove all that hair once and for all. Well, you’re not alone. Women have had to deal with the drama that comes with upper lip hair for ages, and this is why there are so many upper lip hair removal methods available for you to choose. If you’re looking to remove facial hair in a pain-free manner, then check out these fantastic methods:

Tumeric and Milk

Mix together turmeric powder and milk until it forms a paste. Apply this paste on your upper lip and let it dry. You can leave it on for half an hour. Once the time is up, rub it off gently with your fingers. This mixture acts as a great exfoliate and moisturizer at the same time, making it a great home remedy for you to try. If you apply this mixture every 3-4 days, you can enjoy having a hairless upper lip. Get rid of unwanted facial hair easily with this method. 

Hair removal creams

Many women turn to hair removal creams in order to remove unwanted hair and rightly so – these products are not only easy to use, but also take very little time to take effect. The best way to use this is to follow the directions on the product that you are using. Apply it using the plastic spatula that comes with the product and wait 3-5 minutes. You may experience mild stinging, but that is to be expected. Wipe off the cream (along with your hair) when the time is up! 

Gelatin, Milk and Peppermint Oil

In order to wax off your hair from your upper lip, you can create a safe mixture at home. Mix together a spoon of unflavoured gelatin, a few drops of milk, and lavender essential oil into a bowl, and heat it for a few seconds in the microwave until the mixture melts together. Remember that you want the mixture to be warm to the touch, but not scalding hot. You can use a tongue depressor to apply it to your upper lip. When it dries, just peel it off in the same direction that your hair grows in. This is the best upper lip hair removal method as it pulls the hair out from the roots, ensuring that they take longer to grow back.  

Laser Hair removal

When it comes to upper lip hair removal,laser can be an extremely effective method for hair removal. This is because laser hair removal ensures that the hair follicle and root is burnt in a way that prevents new hair from growing back. When you rely on this treatment, you can expect permanent results. 

If you’re considering upper hair removal through laser, then do keep in mind that this is not an at-home technique. You must visit a professional for results that are not only effective but also safe. 

Precision trimmers

A great way to remove your unwanted facial hair, especially if you are in a hurry, is to use a battery powered blade, such as the ones on precision trimmers designed to be used for facial hair (for women). The only drawback of using this method is that you need to use it every day as you may find a bit of stubble on your face after a point. If you are accustomed to shaving your armpits, then this is a method you can use without any hassles. 

Threading off the hair

Threading is one of the most common ways to remove unwanted hair from the upper lip. This method can sometimes cause mild stinging while the thread is being applied, however, it ensures that the upper lip area looks smooth once the process is over. Do not be alarmed if your upper lip appears a little red afterwards – you’ve just had your hair removed so it is natural for it to look slightly red. This redness generally subsides within a few minutes or hours and if you are getting this done from a beautician, then she may apply aloe vera in order to soothe the skin.

Eggs and Corn Flour

A mixture of egg whites and corn flour can work as an effective peel that helps you take off your unwanted facial hair.  This upper lip hair removal method is quick and easy, and you can use it as many times as you like. Apply the mixture to the upper lip and let it dry for at least 30 minutes before you peel it off. 

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