7 BookTubers You Should Be Subscribed To

YouTube is divided into a myriad of distinct categories – from gamers to beauty gurus and everything in-between – but one of the more interesting sections to visit is BookTube. Like its name implies, BookTube is a haven for everyone who loves books, and it’s home to a whole slew of amazing YouTubers. Here are just a few of our favorite:

1. polandbananasBOOKS

You know it’s going to be a good day when Christine uploads. Her book hauls are always fun, her movie and TV show videos are great (see: her Infinity War review), and her book writing videos are always inspiring! Furthermore, her monthly “Stories I Ate This Month” segment is not only enjoyable to watch, but constantly gives us new books to read and new movies/shows to binge.

2. squibblesreads

Joce is bubbly and personable, and that’s what makes watching her videos so enticing. She gives her honest feelings about BookTube, she recommends beautiful graphic novels, and delivers consistently good bookish videos. If she recommends a book, you’re basically guaranteed that it’s going to be a good one.

3. Tashapolis

Tasha, on top of being an excellent booktuber, uploads videos where she does makeup looks, ranks Marvel films, and vlogs bookish events – just to name a few. Her content is diverse, and her personality is delightful. Her titles also come in a fun variety, including “Some Book Hauls Are Worth Melting For” and “The Fairest Book Haul of Them All”.

4. emmmabooks

Emma’s videos range from book hauls to live shows to vlogs and everything in-between, and they all remain extremely entertaining. Some of our favorites from her channel include the video where describes her trying to read more critically and her video where she describes why she reads YA books. Emma remains relatable throughout her BookTube journey and that’s one of the big reasons why we love watching her!

5. jessethereader

Jesse is energetic and his videos are always a blast to watch. In addition to book hauls, he does a variety of book-related videos such as making book-inspired mugs and discussing manga and comic books. No matter what the topic is, his videos are always entertaining.

6. sarawithoutanH

Sara is honest and unapologetically herself, and that’s why we love watching her! In addition to her book-related videos, Sara uploads a variety of interesting videos, like her drunk literacy series or her wand unboxing. Because of her content diversity she is always a treat to watch!

7. katytastic

Kat typically sticks to book-related videos, and it works! Kat’s hauls are always interesting and are always giving us the best books to read. Her book reviews are always spot on as well. Some of our favorite videos from her include her ambitious reading plans and her favorite books of 2017!

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Written by Preston Smith

capricorn, coffee addict, cat owner

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