7 Bands Who Broke Our Heart When They Split Up.

One vital part of being young is falling in love with a band. Whether it’s setting the bands photo as your lock screen, going to a billion of their shows, spreading the message of their latest album or just feeling every word from every song on a personal level, there’s no doubt that bands can help us discover who we are.

The worst feeling ever is when that band breaks up. It can feel like your heart is hurting, your eyes can get red raw from crying and frankly the thought of your favourite band not being whole and not knowing if you’ll be able to see them again is simply painful. We’ve compilled a list of the 7 bands whose untimely split hurts us still to this day. We apologise in advance for any tears shed in this run down.

One Direction.

You can’t have a list of bands we miss the most without having 1D at the top. The pop classics, the fun antics of tour and the constant Larry rumours are missed way too much. Although Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn are all doing incredible with their solo material we’re not over that it’s been 843 days since they split.


Busted were our first heart break. When the band announced in 2005 that they were no longer together it was the most bleak day in history, We didn’t know how our heart would ever recover, Then one beautiful day in 2015 saw the band announce that they were back together, our hearts became whole again. Charlie Matt and James have done two tours together since, and have released an incredible 3rd album and are currently recording their 4th.

Hollywood Ending.

James from Busted has a super talented little brother Chris Bourne. Chris was a part of super successful pop-rock band Hollywood Ending who toured the world, released some amazing music and we’re featured on Disney Channel. Hollywood Ending split up in July 2015. Our lives are still feeling lost without the fun and mayhem that happened at a Hollywood Ending show.


The Saturdays

The British girl group were the queens of girl power music. From songs about staying strong to being in love, there was nothing you could go through without the Saturdays being a part of your soundtrack. After a long career which briefly went global the girls split but still remain the very best of friends. We miss them.


My Chemical Romance.

Growing up in the noughties MCR were the biggest and boldest rock band around. They achieved global success, had an army of loyal eye-liner loving fans and frankly paved the way for future rock bands having a more mainstream audience. In 2013 the band announced that they were to start a hiatus and over the globe you could hear crying. We still 5 years later aren’t over it.


Fifth Harmony

Our most recent heart break was the disbanding of 5H. It started with Camilla Cabello leaving and creating a powerful solo career and ended with the rest of the band parting ways. Thank the powers of the world that Little Mix are still going strong because we’re running out of girl bands to get us through the day.

The Wanted

Possibly the most painful split ever was The Wanted taking a hiatus.They were in their prime, playing Wembley and Madison Square Gardens, having a hit reality T.V show, and each member was vital to our happiness. So when the band announced in 2014 that they were taking a hiatus our lives shattered. Thankfully fan fav Nathan Sykes is still making music and Tom Parker and Jay McGuiness are still in the limelight thanks to reality TV shows, but our hearts still miss Wanted Wednesdays. Take a look below at their incredible opening at Wembley after Nathan had been away having vocal chord surgery. – Side note, our mascara is running down our cheeks, cheers Nathan.


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Written by Niki

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