6 weird Facts about Spider-man

Spiderman is no doubt Marvel’s most beloved character. Spiderman was created by the famous Stan Lee and was designed by Steve Ditko. In August 1962, spiderman made his first appearance in the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 in the Silver Age of Comic Books. After his release, Spiderman was a huge hit, fans loved the spiderman and soon it rose to the 2nd most liked superhero of all time after Batman. Spiderman is basically a teenager who got his powers after getting bitten by a radioactive spider. Spiderman is one of the few heroes who made Marvel what is today, a leader in the comic book market and franchise. In 2014, the web-slinger’s merch was sold for $1.3 billion USD and it broke all the records of superhero retail sales. Here are some weird facts about the friendly neighborhood Spiderman:

Stan Lee’s idea to a stick-to-wall man:

At first, our favorite spiderman was not always spiderman. In fact, the web-slinger had many names. When Stan Lee was creating spiderman, he got the idea of a superhero who’d stick to walls. So, he came up with the name –Stick-to-Wall Man. After that, he came up with the idea of using insects to fit in his origin, he basically got this idea while watching a fly. He also came up with many names such as Insect-Man, Mosquito-Man, and Fly-Man but in the end, he found spiderman and his wall sticking capabilities. Hence, our beloved Spiderman was born. 

Spiderman has radioactive semen:

Well, unfortunately, the friendly neighborhood spiderman is not so friendly after all. In the 2006 reign storyline, it is shown that Spiderman’s love interest Mary Jane has died of cancer which was because of his radioactive sperm. 

Webslinger’s parents were SHIELD agents:

Peter Parker’s parents are believed to be one of the most mysterious parents in the entire comic book market. It was shown in the ’60s that Spiderman’s parents were SHIELD agents. It is also believed that they once even saved the life of the most famous almost unkillable mutant—the Wolverine. 

He may be Jewish:

It is also believed that our friendly neighborhood spiderman is jews. He believes are Jewish. It is mainly because the spiderman was written by many Jewish writers. He even used the word “OY” and his dialogs are also filled with traces of the yiddish language which shows that he may be a jew. 

Micheal Jackson loved Spiderman:

The king of pop was a diehard fan of the Webslinger. He loved Spiderman so much that he even went to buy Marvel in the ’90s but the deal wasn’t made because of the asking price of 1 billion dollars. Furthermore, he even approached Stan Lee because he wanted to play as Spiderman and even talked about buying the filming rights of the Webslinger.

Spiderman’s weakness:

Well, the spiderman has a pretty ridiculous weakness which is weird itself. So, as we know the spiderman lives in New York and he travels by slinging in between the tall skyscrapers and travel quite fast but what if there are no buildings? The web-slinger has to walk until there are some buildings, he can swing through.

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Written by Monella

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