6 Savvy Tech Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love

Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge getting gifts for your girlfriend, especially if you are looking for some cool tech gifts that she might enjoy and doesn’t already own. Of course, the first step is knowing your girlfriend and the kind of things she likes or doesn’t like. Your own judgment will always be one of the best guides when it comes to girlfriend gifts.

Here are 6 Tech Gifts that are popular with many women.

1. Fitbit Zip

If your girlfriend is active or interested in starting a workout routine, she is likely to enjoy Fitbit Zip. This device keeps track of steps, distance travelled, active minutes, and the number of calories burned throughout the day. All she will have to do is tap the display to see her stats.

Fitbit Zip also features wireless syncing. It works with not only computers but 200+ leading iOS, Windows, and Android devices. It is small and has a comfortable clip that allows it to attach to clothing safely so that she can wear it for pretty much any occasion. The Fitbit also has long battery life and replaceable watch battery that can last as long as six months.

2. Oura Ring

Most girls love jewelry, but the Aura Ring is much more advanced and high tech than any traditional ring. It has many useful features, including an NTC body temperature sensor which operates as she sleeps. By monitoring temperature, the ring can determine baseline body temperature and then it can tell if there is ever a deviation.

It has an infrared led and can measure blood volume and pulse through the finger arteries. Oura Ring also has a 3D accelerometer and gyroscope so it can track inactivity and activity throughout the day.

The Oura Ring is a sleep and activity tracker but not a fitness tracker. A comprehensive review of this wearable gadget can be found here if you want to know more about Oura Ring.

3. Selkie Wireless Bluetooth Earbud

If your girlfriend enjoys listening to music, this could be the gift for her. Selkie Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds use an 8mm German speaker and have excellent quality for Audiobooks and Podcasts. It also features Bluetooth capability and HiFi Superior Sound. They are noise cancelling and are made with an ergonomic design.

There are several different ear tips for different ear sizes and shapes. Selkie Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are lightweight and non-bulky. The battery life can last 6 hours and charges quickly. The earbuds even come with a carrying case. Because they are cordless, she won’t have to worry about tangles. They work well using long-distance signal transmission.

4. instax SQUARE SQ10

Photography is a popular subject among many people, and if your girlfriend has displayed any interest, then she may enjoy instax SQUARE SQ10, called such because the camera has a square format and square photos. What is also pretty cool about this camera is how it is a hybrid instant camera.

She will be able to enjoy exceptional photo quality as well as filtering functions. The camera also features a simple user interface and a dual shutter button, which makes life easier for those who are left-handed.

The camera is designed to be easy to hold; it is symmetrical, round, and thin. It has an LCD monitor, special shooting mode, thumbnail print and she can print from the Micro SD card.

5. Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch

This is an interesting gadget because it looks like a classic woman’s wristwatch, but it has all of the smart features that you could expect from most modern smartwatches. All your girlfriend will need to do is connect the watch to her iPhone or Android device and install the SKAGEN app.

After this, she will be able to enjoy all of the features of the watch. The watch will notify her when she receives a call, email, or text, through discreet notifications which she can personally filter. Like any traditional or modern watch, the Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch will display the time and even the date, updating changes automatically.

This watch can even track sleep and activity, and it has a phone finder and music control.

6. Veezy Ultra-Light Face And Body IPL Laser

This is a device that can come in very handy for many ladies, so if your girlfriend has ever complained about shaving her legs or excess body hair, she might really like this hair removal device system. The description states that studies have shown a reduction in hair growth by 80% after the fourth treatment and 90% of hair is permanently gone after 10 treatments.

The Veezy Ulta Light has three times the life span of the average depilation device with a flash life count of 350,000 times. It has an automatic lighting mode, so it is easy to use multitask while using the device. It has minimal pain and won’t burn skin yet it can still provide effective depilation.

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