5 ways to make your beauty regime more sustainable

If you want to reduce your environmental impact and give back to the globe, consider starting with your beauty regime. According to one report, more than 120 billion pieces of packaging are produced by the cosmetic industry every year – and, as Harper’s Bazaar has discovered, it takes almost 1,000 years for the average moisturiser pot to decompose.

That’s crazy and demonstrates that current consumer habits are simply not sustainable long-term.

Though we might not be able to get you totally plastic-free yet without making some major compromises, there are ways that you can lower your carbon footprint when making yourself look all fancy. Here are five of the best low-impact techniques to consider adopting today…


Turn off the water

Whether you’re brushing your teeth or washing your face, the chances are that you leave the tap running. Not only is this bad for your bills – contrary to popular belief, water isn’t free – but it wastes water unnecessarily. Sure, we have a finite amount of water, but wasting water can cause shortages, droughts, and cause unnecessary pollution when cleaning and filtration.

To lower your water usage, splash your face when you’re applying your cleanser, and only turn the water back on when you’re ready to rinse. When you’re brushing your teeth, you only need water when you’re wetting your toothbrush and when you’re cleaning it at the end.


Choose environmentally-friendly products

Another technique to consider is choosing environmentally-friendly products when you’re looking for a replacement. Whether you shop in LUSH, which offers makeup and skincare products like moisturizers and cleaners without plastic packaging, or you buy a bamboo toothbrush to limit your plastic waste, there are tonnes of small changes you can make.

For makeup, shop brands like 100% Pure, BareFaced Beauty, Odylique, and Dirty Hippie, and shop local where possible. There are tonnes of pop-ups offering sustainable skincare.


Buy products in bulk

If you’re the sort of person who buys makeup and skincare products individually, consider changing your routine. Especially when you buy products online, you’re contributing to global warming, as a distribution centre has to collect your item, and a driver has to physically come to your home to give you your goods.

According to the World Economic Forum, online shopping adds eleven minutes to the average passenger’s commute, as there are so many delivery trucks on the road. Limiting the number of journeys they make to your address is good news for the planet – buy your staples in bulk and you might save some money, too!


Look for reusable alternatives

One of the most common criticisms of the beauty industry is its throw-away nature and the number of one-time-use products. Where you can, look for reusable products like cotton pads, which are made from cotton and can help you remove your makeup just as well as one of the disposable ones.

Glide your favourite cleanser and toner of your face, and once you’re done, you can pop your face pad or cloth in the washing machine to be reused again.


Go makeup-free

Okay, we’re not suggesting that you abandon your beauty regime forever. But consider the benefits of having makeup-free days, whether you’re chilling with friends or at work.

Makeup chemicals are often released into our lakes, streams, rivers and public water systems, which can damage wildlife. What’s more, wearing makeup every day can be bad for your skin, causing you to use more cleanser and beauty products to overcome dryness and redness. Challenge yourself to spend at least one day per week make-up free to see what happens!

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