5 Ways To Lose Weight In 2019

With winter coming to an end and Spring upon us, it’s time to stop making excuses for that post-Christmas weight gain.

Below, we’ve put together five fantastic ways to lose weight in 2019, whether you’re trying to get back to your old body or you’re ready to make a change.

Drink More Water

Drinking water on its own isn’t going to make you super skinny overnight, but it can boost your metabolism, keep your stomach fuller for longer, and it will make sure you’re hydrated for all of that exercise you’re going to do.

What’s more, reaching for a bottle of water rather than grabbing a coffee or a soft drink will cut out those calories from sugar and fizzy drinks, and we all the huge benefits of drinking plenty of water – increased concentration levels, better skin, better sleep, and more.

Buy a reusable bottle to save the environment, too.

Cut Back on Eating Out

It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a salad from Subway or you’re in a local restaurant gorging on garlic bread and fries – eating out is rarely as good for you as home-cooked food.

If you’re always out and about with friends and end up grabbing food on the go when you’re late to the office, then consider cutting back and make healthier choices.

Indeed, preparing food at home allows you more time to choose snacks and foods that are good for you, and cutting back on evening meals and breakfasts out of the house will save you money, too!

Get a Personal Trainer

It’s a common misconception that getting a personal trainer will set you back thousands – but the truth is that if you select the right one and attend regular sessions, you can make it an affordable part of your life.

Connecticut-based personal trainers, for example, can work with you and create a personalised plan that’s designed to help you increase your fitness and cut back on your body mass, and the best part is that a one-on-one session will ensure you get a tailored strategy for your body, lifestyle, and physical ability.

Sure, following YouTube vids will help, but there’s nothing better than working with a professional who knows your body.

Set a Target

Perhaps you’re getting married in the summer, or you’re attending a huge event in the winter and want to look your best for it? Set realistic, achievable goals and see how far you’ll come.

It is crazy what a little bit of positive thinking can do for you, and it’ll make you more likely to succeed if you have an end-date in sight.

Pin it to your fridge or put it in your diary, and set yourself mini challenges and targets to hit once a month.

Don’t become obsessive over the scales, though – they’re only part of the story, and you’ll know in yourself whether or not you have lost weight.

Being sensible and making the right choices and decisions is the key.

Don’t Bother

If you’re already in the healthy weight category, you’re eating lots of nutritious food and you exercise on a regular basis, then f*** it and don’t bother.

Yeah, you weren’t expecting to hear that tip in this article, but the truth is that so many of us become obsessed over the way we look and are never happy, whether we’re a size six or a size sixteen.

Embrace your natural curves, accept that you’re never going to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, and focus on loving yourself rather than putting yourself down when you fancy a Big Mac. You’re perfect.

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