5 Ways To Help You Deal With SAD

Everyone goes through a phase of feeling a little bit miserable time and again. There are many who feel miserable during the winter months and many others feel sad and low during the snowy season, they believe snow is only for Christmas and anything other than that is an inconvenience.

If you have not been through this or have not heard about it, it is a big deal. Known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, it is more than feeling slightly sad. It is basically a form of depression that weans off in the months of Spring.

It relies on your hormonal state and physical elements like the exposure to natural light and body temperature. There are many ways you can fight back against the symptoms of SAD and we have listed them for you below.

Step out

It might be gloomy outside but breathing fresh air can help you. It will open the lungs and will help draw in as much oxygen in the system as you can. You will really benefit if the sun comes out. You do not need to head out and look at sun rays but you need to opt for ways you can make the most of whatever sunshine that is present. 

Eat Vitamins

Deficiency of vitamins in your body can have a huge impact on how you feel. You can learn more at professional clinics that test you for the number of vitamins in your body. You need to ensure that minerals and vitamins are an essential part of your diet as they will help alleviate the symptoms of SAD. If you are not going to get adequate sunshine, you need to have enough Vitamin D through supplements. 

Talk about it

You need to break out of the shell of depression and if you can talk about it, you will feel much better. Cognitive-behavioral therapy will help you get what you need. Be honest about how you feel and get a formal SAD diagnosis for the right treatment. 

Light up

Not many are aware of it, but light therapy can do wonders for those who are suffering from SAD. The light therapy box that you require will be different from what many others need, hence you need to speak to the doctor before you opt for the therapy. 

Work out

The easiest way to deal with SAD is to burn off your energy with exercise. It releases endorphins during the intensive exercise process and acts as a painkiller for depression. 

SAD does not affect only in the months of winter, it can affect people during summer too. A lot of people are affected because of the lack of sunshine in their lives but it is something that should not be overlooked.

You need to work towards breaking out of the shell and the above-mentioned tips can help you through it. You can also consider booking a winter break abroad so that you can make the most of the sunshine. 

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