5 Coping Methods After Losing Your Job

Losing your job is honestly such a difficult thing to go through. Whatever the reason for losing your job, it makes you feel worthless. Here at Fuzzable, we have put together five different ways you can cope after losing your job.

1. Remember that it is okay to cry.

Crying was a really good coping mechanism – I felt like I had cried till there were no more tears left in me. I don’t know why but, regardless of the situation, crying makes everything better, it’s a relief. Once I finally stopped crying, I realised I wasn’t going to cry over it again. Having a good cry is the first thing to do, let our everything that’s been building up inside you. Never be ashamed of crying because you lost your job – it shows you cared about it!

2. Try and find a new job as quickly as possible.

You don’t want to be sitting around wondering when a new opportunity will arise. YOU have to be proactive in applying for jobs that you feel are best suited to your capabilities and skills. Another advantage of trying to find a new job as quickly as possible is that you are still in the routine of working – if it is a similar job, then you won’t forget everything you learned previously.

3. Remember that you will be okay.

Whenever I was crying about losing my job, it didn’t feel like everything was going to be okay. I felt like a failure and not good enough, and it made me question whether I would be suited to any other jobs. It was a horrible feeling, one I hopefully will never have to feel again. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason – I still have a lot to be grateful about. Losing a job you cared about is unfair, but just remember that you will be okay, and as I got told ‘you’ll see the silver lining in the end.’

4. Talk to family members/friends.

Talking is a good way to try and relieve some of the stress related to losing your job. Most people have been through it at some stage, and may be able to offer advice on how to get through what is a very stressful time. I know personally that I like to think I can deal with any problem I face – but during a very stressful time, it was crucial to rely on them. It would have been much harder to get through losing my job if I didn’t have them supporting me. Spend time with them to try and keep your mind off worrying about the loss of your job, do something fun together!


Looking after yourself is one of the most important things you can do at this time. Never neglect your body – maintain good health. Try and maintain a good sleeping pattern too, even though it can be difficult at this time. Various relaxation techniques can also help you to deal with the stress of losing your job.

Have you got any more methods for coping after losing a job? Make sure you tweet us and let us know: @Fuzzable.


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