5 Vegan Foods You Need This Winter!

We at Fuzzable love vegetarian and vegan food, but we also know that it can be hard to eat vegan in the winter and during the holidays – especially with large turkeys and hams being the typical go-to foods for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, here we’ve compiled five of our favorite products for you to enjoy this winter, which will keep you satisfied and warm until springtime arrives.

1. Meatballs

Photo courtesy of A Healthy Life For Me

These meatballs are tender and juicy, and are completely perfect for any pasta, soup, or sandwich you may want to make during the winter. They get a perfect crust on the outside while cooking, and maintain a perfect balance of flavor throughout!

2. Chicken

Photo courtesy of Morning Star Farms

Continuing on with vegan meat, Morning Star Farms offers a wide variety of “chicken” products. They offer nuggets, breaded patties, and these strips, which are a true showstopper. These can be used for literally any purpose all winter long, which is why they’ve made this list. They can be used for pasta, salads, sandwiches, hashes – anything!

3. Dark Chocolate

Photo courtesy of Minimalist Baker

Dark chocolate is a vegan person’s best friend when it comes to baking – and winter and holidays are all about baking! This winter you can utilize dark chocolate to bake and craft all of your favorite treats, whether they be pies, cakes, cookies, or anything in-between! Sweeten with sugar or honey, and you’ll have a perfect treat!

4. Crescent Rolls

Photo courtesy of Annie’s

These Crescent Rolls may seem like an odd choice, but they’ve landed on this list due to their sheer versatility! You can, of course, make croissants with them, but you can also use them in a wide array of fashion. For example, you can stuff them with savory or sweet ingredients and either bake or fry them to create something entirely new! Pizza-stuffed croissants, anyone? S’mores-stuffed, maybe? The possibilities will endless and will keep your creative juices flowing all winter!

5. Cheese

Photo courtesy of Vegan Essentials

We all love cheese, right? While a lot of recipes call for nutritional yeast to grant vegan dishes a cheesy flavor, Daiya offers a line of “cheeses” that will be perfect for all of your cheesy needs. Top off any dish with their mozzarella variety and you’re in for one hot, tasty dish – and who doesn’t love something warm in the winter?

Honorable Mention: Winter Oreos

Photo courtesy of Oreo’s Twitter account

As one final food you need this winter season, we have none other than the classic Oreo. Like years past, Oreo has released their limited edition Winter Oreos. The flavor may not be different than the classic cookie, but it’s a festive (and vegan!) treat nonetheless.

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Written by Preston Smith

capricorn, coffee addict, cat owner

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