5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for The Beauty Junkie

Love is in the air! Here at Fuzz, we believe that everyone deserves to feel special on Valentine’s Day (even if you’re single!). Now, we created this simple gift guide that might help you figure out the perfect Valentine’s gift for that beauty junkie in your life!

Gift Idea #1: Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Bundle and Special Gift Card

There’s no doubt that Kylie has been recently dealing with a whole ton of controversies concerning her personal life and pregnancy. But there’s no denying that her cosmetics line is still raved on and supported by beauty fans worldwide.

As Valentine’s day approaches, Kylie Cosmetics will also be celebrating the anniversary of their Valentine’s themed lipstick shade, Posie K.

Kylie Cosmetics | kyliecosmetics.com

The brand is set to release a trio bundle of the shade in all three different lipstick finishes. There will be the matte, gloss and velvet formulas in the Posie K trio bundle. The bundle is available starting February 5th on Kylie Cosmetics’ website.

Besides it’s Valentine’s bundle, Kylie is also offering V-Day themed gift cards in various amount denominations! So if you’re not too sure what to buy your special babe, a digital gift card would do just as much!

Kylie Cosmetics Digital Gift Card | kyliecosmetics.com

Gift Idea #2: Beauty Bakerie’s Paris Nights Valentine’s Day Set

Still looking for the perfect pink or red lipstick to complete your date night look? Look no more! Beauty Bakerie is serving you smudge-proof lipsticks in matte and metallic lippies alongside their new Scoops Élysées Blush Palette with shades French Tarte, Crème Brulée, Beignet, and Pink Truffle. The entire set retails for $60 and is available through their online shop.

Beauty Bakerie | beautybakerie.com
Beauty Bakerie | beautybakerie.com
Beauty Bakerie | beautybakerie.com
Beauty Bakerie | beautybakerie.com

Gift Idea #3: Royal Beauty Treatments Valentine Specials

After such a long day of pampering your loved one or yourself for Valentine’s day, you might want to enjoy a relaxing treatment care of Royal Beauty Treatments’ all-natural and healthy beauty products!

All beauty and wellness products of RBT are made from natural ingredients made from the Dead Sea and produced in Ashdod, Israel. The C.E.O of the company, Claire Marie Brisendine, has had the chance to personally visit Israel and discover the natural line of cosmetics that can be found from the elements of the Dead Sea. It has been known that the sea is rich in minerals such as magnesium, sodium and potassium that delivers great benefits to human skin that enhances its ability to retain moisture and make it healthier.

The brand is offering a variety of bundles for V-day that you may choose from. Each set is retailed for USD$49.99 plus free shipping for a limited time only! Grab one of their sets here.

Valentines Day Gift Bundle 1 | Heaven’s Healing Balm, Ein Gedi Night Cream Cosmetics and Dead Sea Salts with Lavender
Valentines Day Gift Bundle 2 | Heaven’s Healing Balm, Ein Gedi Eye Cream Cosmetics and Ein Gedi Rose of Sharon Anointing Oil
Valentines Day Gift Bundle 3 | Heaven’s Healing Balm, Ein Gedi Day Cream Cosmetics and Lily of the Valley Anointing Oil

Gift Idea #4: Belle Bar Customizable Valentine’s Face and Hair Masks

Opting for a personalized Valentine’s gift? The family-run brand is offering a customizable face and hair mask where you get to choose which ingredients go into each product! Yes, you read that right.

Belle Bar’s concept is to offer personalised products where the clients can choose which ingredients they want in their product to create a formula that will suit everyone’s needs. How awesome is that?!

Join the #SELFLOVECLUB this Valentine’s Day and grab your own customized face or hair mask here!

Belle Bar Valentines Day Custom Face Mask | bellebarorganic.com


Belle Bar Valentines Day Custom Hair Mask | bellebarorganic.com

Gift Idea #5: Vice Cosmetics Valentine’s Special Sets

Now, every girly girl would be thrilled to receive the typical flowers and teddy bears on V-Day. But ever wondered what it would be like to add some beautiful touches to your usual go-to gift? Maybe a lipstick set inside a bouquet of flowers? Hmmm sounds pretty darn good to us!

Meet the new cosmetics line from the Philippines that just turns your V-Day beauty gift goals into reality. Vice Cosmetics is offering special, curated Valentine sets that would fulfil every beauty junkie’s Valentine’s dream.

The Bear Bouquet

Vice Cosmetics Valentines Sets | Bear Bouquet

The Rose Bouquet

Vice Cosmetics Valentines Sets | Rose Bouquet

The Bear Crate

Vice Cosmetics Valentines Sets | Bear Crate vicecosmetics.com

The Heart Box

Vice Cosmetics Valentines Sets | Heart Box vicecosmetics.com

Although we’re pretty sure everyone would love to get their hands on these, unfortunately, they are only available in Metro Manila in the Philippines and through the brand’s website.

What will you be getting for your loved one or yourself this Valentine’s? Let us know @Fuzzable and share it with your friends!

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