5 tips for wearing facemasks during the coronavirus pandemic

The chances are that you had never worn a face mask before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though they may have been commonplace in some Asian countries for health reasons, most of us have got by without having to cover our faces. So when coronavirus hit and the world went into lockdown, consumers were forced overnight to buy a mask and wear it whenever they headed to the shops.

Hopefully, you’ll be feeling more comfortable wearing a mask now than you did a few months ago, but to give you an extra helping hand, we’ve rounded up some of our top tips for wearing a facemask during the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep one in your handbag

If you’re yet to head to the supermarket and forget your mask, congratulations!

The best way to protect yourself and your community from the virus is to wear a mask when you’re in close contact with others, so taking a face mask with you whenever you’re out of the house is key. To reduce the chances of forgetting your mask, keep a spare in your handbag or glove box in your car – that way, if you are caught short, you’ve got another mask ready and waiting.

Create your own with a fancy design

Are you tired of wearing cheap disposable face masks? The good news is that most fashion stores are now selling affordable face masks. But if you’re looking for something bespoke, why not create your own design? There are tonnes of tutorials online showing off the best ways to design a fabric face mask. Pro tip: cotton is one of the best fabrics as it’s breathable.

Sanitize your face mask

When you’re out and about, keeping your mask clean and smelling good is important.

One company has created a revolutionary product that helps with exactly that. Edobio’s Aroma Floreeze Spray is a blend of herbs and lactic acid bacteria, which offers a simple way to sanitize your masks when you’re on the go. Featuring Japanese green tea extract, vegetable alcohol and essential lavender and tea tree oils, it can be sprayed when you get a second during a busy day shopping to keep your face comfortable and your mask smelling fresh.

Get to grips with the glasses hack

If you’re a glasses wearer, you’ll likely have run into the issue of your glasses steaming up when you’re wearing a mask. The good news is that we’ve got a hack, so you don’t have to constantly wipe your glasses during the day.

Choose a mask that fits on your face snugly and secure it around your nose. If your mask is too big, you can tighten it with ear loops. To stop your glasses from steaming up, breathe downwards into the mask, clean your lenses, and adjust your glasses, placing them down on your nose to create space between you and the mask.

Alternatively, you could look at switching to contact lenses to avoid the problem.

SOURCE: Ohio Health

Wash your face mask regularly

Finally, make sure your face mask is washed on a regular basis or disposed of safely if its single-use. Add your mask to your regular laundry or consider washing by hand using a mix of bleach with water. Soak your mask in the solution for five minutes, discard the solution, rinse your masks, and leave your mask to dry in the sun. Always read and follow the directions on the label to ensure safe and effective use and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

There you have it – five tips for wearing face masks during the coronavirus pandemic. Do you have any others? Let us know on Twitter @Fuzzable and check back soon for more.

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