5 Things that Nobody Tells You About Divorce

Going through a divorce is a stressful time, whether it comes out of the blue or it is something you’ve thought about for a while. You may have an idea in your head about how things will happen and on what kind of timescale, but the truth is, divorce is often very different to what people envisage. Here are some of the things you may not know about divorce.


You may not get as much as you think


Most people assume that assets will be split 50/50, but this isn’t always the case. Depending on the state where you live, there will either be community property or equitable distribution laws. If you live in a state with the former, assets and debts incurred during the marriage are divided equally, but this doesn’t take into account things like property owned before the marriage or old inheritances. If it’s the latter, then a judge will look at things like earning potential and financial needs, which could make for a fairer settlement.


You shouldn’t wait to get legal advice


Divorce can be an ugly business, and if there’s a lot of drama and stress going on, then making an appointment to see a lawyer may be low on your to-do list. Wait for too long and the process can become more expensive, as well as affecting your chances of getting a quicker, no-fault divorce. Even if you haven’t definitely decided to go through with divorce, it’s worth speaking to Charleston Law, who specializes in family law to get advice on the next steps and what you should do to get things in order.


There’s a mourning period


Even if it was your choice to go through with the divorce, it’s natural to go through a mourning period that can feel like a bereavement. It’s common to go through the seven stages of grief, as you no longer have the support of your spouse and it can feel like you’ve ‘lost’ your in-laws. The process of mourning can take over a year to recover from, as you have to go through events such as seasonal holidays as a divorced person. During this time, you should take care of yourself and not make any big decisions until you feel calmer.


You’ll need to adjust your finances


While a lawyer is essential during the divorce process, it also makes sense to book some time with a financial advisor. Whether you were the primary breadwinner or a stay at home parent, your finances are going to be changing, and you may need to plan your finances post-divorce accordingly. Divorce can affect all aspects of your finances, from your savings to your retirement plan, so don’t leave anything to chance.


You’ll be amazed at how much freedom you have


Whether it’s choosing your next vacation or what you’re having for dinner, getting divorced can make people happier, as they suddenly have a lot of control over their life. It’s often an impetus to lose weight, get a new hobby or widen your social circle outside of your married friends, so embrace it.


Written by Monella

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