5 Things ARMY Expect from BTS

This week, Twitter trends and feed have been filled by BTS’ arrival in the US for AMAs. The promotion of their performance is being done on a massive scale and deservedly so. The boys, who debuted in the year 2013 have struggled a lot to reach the place they are at today.

ARMY, who have been with the boys in their journey to success have witnessed several eras both in terms of music as well as personality. Some reminiscence Jungkook’s hair from N.O. while others recall the time when the majority of group’s tracks were hip hop singles.

Over the period of time, few things have been lost in the vicinity while some wishes of fans have come true.We went through YouTube comments on BTS’ music videos and narrowed down 5 things, fans expects from the group in the future projects:

Expectation 1: Jungkook’s Rap

When “We are Bulletproof: Pt. 2” and “No More Dream” were released, the audience was blown away by Jungkook’s rap in the single. In an interview, Jungkook once said that RM motivated him to join Big Hit Entertainment. Even today, when the BTS perform old songs, fans always get excited on maknae’s rap part. So, the first expectation is to see Jungkook rapping in one of the group’s singles.


Expectation 2: JHope’s Mixtape

The rap line of the group is really talented. All the three rappers have unique personalities and the same is visible in their compositions. The rap line has been delivering solo tracks for a long time. RM and Suga have even released their own mixtapes but JHope has somewhere left fans wanting more. The rapper is yet to release his mixtape and we don’t know if we will be getting a chance to listen to it anytime soon.

Expectation 3: Jin’s Screentime

The “Worldwide Handsome” Jin is given that title for a reason. But over the period of time, his visuals have taken over his talent as a singer. “Awake” gave fans’ a chance to listen to the artist’s voice in entirety but it left them wanting more from him. Initially, Jin would contribute more to the singles as a singer but since last few years, fans have noticed less of his participation in terms of singing. “Love Yourself: Her” again brought him to center stage so, we do have a chance to listen to him more in the future.

Expectation 4: Songs’ Official Translation

While music transcends all barriers and spread its magic, language does pose a problem sometimes. When international fans try to decipher the meaning of BTS’ tracks, they come across a plethora of translations. Translations miss out the colloquial hints and flow of the original track. So, the third expectation would be to get an official English translation of the tracks by the group (RM at the rescue!). This would help everyone to be on the same page and carry out their interpretation of the tracks.

Expectation 5: Twitter Takeovers

There was a time when the boys used to personally respond to their fans’ tweets. It would be unreasonable to expect them to do the same now. Especially when the graph of their followers’ count is going uphill. But being fans, ARMY miss those personalized conversations. Even now when media outlets try to hold Q & A for the fans and the group, it’s always restricted by time. So, the expectation is that if in future the group is available, they can hold a Twitter takeover on their own account. We eagerly wait for that day!

So, which expectation makes to the top of your list? Also, do you want to add something else? Share your thoughts via tweet @Fuzzable.

Written by ayushi

Hello! I am Ayushi from India. I love writing poetry, listening to K-POP and spending time alone. Writing is what defines me and I am on the journey to make the definition as good as possible.

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