5 shows we are excited to watch this spring

This spring, as winter melts away, it’s time to rekindle your love for theatre and music. We’ve already begun doing our homework and have jotted down a few amazing shows that we are super excited to watch. From period dramas to delightful comedies and live music performances, we are all set to enjoy a fantastic spring season. If you’re a planner and want to know what the months ahead look like for your social schedule, check out this list of amazing shows playing at theaters in NJ that we are dying to watch! 

The Chaperone

What better way to begin the new season than with a timeless thought? The Chaperone, set during the Jazz Age of America, is a show about two very different women and their growth. Travelling to New York together, the two women set out on a journey of love and friendship like no other, proving that no matter what minds you are surrounded by, it is more than possible for you to be true to yourself and be independent. Women empowerment is never a stale topic, especially when it talks of the past. So, ring up all your girlfriends and watch The Chaperone with them!

Nelly Mckay’s Live Performance

After 5 great hits comes Nelly McKay’s sixth and most anticipated album, Sister Orchid. Unlike all of her other albums, this one was made in total solitude and according to Nelly, it comes from a dark place within her. Based on her previous work, and on hearing this, we are anticipating a great set of tracks that will certainly inspire heartfelt emotion in the audience. We can’t think of a better way to snap out of our winter reverie and launch ourselves into spring with full flow. Bring a date along to a concert they’ll never forget! 

Films that Made Music: The last Waltz

Directed by Martin Scorsese, this film shows one of the biggest nights in rock history with a lineup of legends that have made music what it is today. The film includes Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchel, Neil Young, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison. They performed in 1976 for ‘The Bands’ famous farewell concert, and Scorsese captured their magic on film. This film gives you the opportunity to relive their magic and enjoy what millions had enjoyed live! Ideal to watch with a group of your friends or family who love music! 

Italian Bred with Candice Guardino

If you are looking for a night filled with laughter, then you must catch Candice Guardino’s stand up show, Italian Bred. Her humor focusses on her family and events that are unique to Italian heritage. She also imitates the different people in her family and talks about her life in Staten Island as a youngster. It’s certainly a show that you must consider if you enjoy watching upcoming stand-up comedians belting out hilarious truths. This show is available with a supper club option at 6 pm if you choose to watch it at the Hopewell Theatre in New Jersey! 

Interactive Mantra Meditation with Shri Shyamji Bhatnagar 

We all live loud and chaotic lives and most of us welcome a break from the same. A great way to do so is by meditation. This interactive mantra meditation show is like no one. It offers an experience filled with guided meditation, sounds and microchakra healing. Sounds great right? Through this show, Shri Shyamji Bhatnagar can teach you how to disconnect from the issues in your life. This can help you lead a more mindful lifestyle that is filled with more positive energy than negative ones. 

All of these shows are playing at the renowned Hopewell Theatre, which is one of the best sapces to enjoy a variety of shows like movies, live music and comedy performances! Check out their website to know more about their calendar!  

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