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5 self-care tips we’re loving for 2021

The events of the past 12 months have impacted on our mental health like never before. From going in and out of lockdown to hearing and experiencing relentless amounts of negativity in the news, despite our best efforts it’s been notoriously difficult not to get bogged down by it all.

Due to this, we’ve definitely been a little guilty of neglecting our self-care routine. Whilst we can’t completely control what’s happening around us, what we can do is ensure that we make self-care a priority, especially during such unprecedented times.

With 2021 marching on at a rapid pace (hello, March!), we’ve rounded up five self-care tips we’re loving for the year ahead, and we hope you’ll find them useful too!

1. Go for a walk

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Going for a walk has become a staple part of our routine over the past few months, purely because it’s one of the only thing we’ve been able to do during lockdown. Whilst it’s felt tedious at times, you also can’t deny that, more often than not, walking will leave you with that feel-good feeling.

It’s so important to make sure you’re getting some fresh air every day, even if you’re just going for a quick walk around the block. Spring is also fast approaching, meaning the weather is slowly hotting up and the days are getting lighter for longer. Pop on your headphones, blast your favourite tunes and embrace the nature around you on foot!

2. Switch off from social media

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We love social media as it allows us to keep up to date with our friends, follow our favourite celebrities and be the first to find out breaking news from around the world. However, it’s no secret that social media is known for having a negative impact on your mental health and sometimes you just need to switch off.

Whether it’s switching off for an evening, or taking a short break away from social media altogether, removing yourself from the constant stream of news can do you the world of good. This is particularly important during such news-heavy times – of course you want to know what’s going on in the world, but as we’re spending more time indoors on our phones, it’s easy to feel as if you’re drowning in current events.

If you’re feeling as if you need a break from social media, then do it! Give yourself a rest, it will still be waiting for you when you decide to return.

3. Embrace positive self-mantras

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You don’t need anyone else to tell you how much of a badass, powerful and strong person you are. 2021 is the year for reminding yourself on the daily that are you an amazing person who can achieve anything you put your mind to. One of our favourite self-care tips is embracing positive self-mantras and repeating them yourself whenever you need a boost.

Here are some empowering mantras to get you started…

  • I am beautiful
  • I am grateful for the little things in life
  • I am powerful
  • I am unique
  • I am proud of who I am
  • I will treat myself with love and respect
  • I am deserving of good things
  • I will share my positivity with others
  • I am a strong and independent person
  • I have the power to change the world one step at a time
  • I am good enough

4. Treat yourself

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A gift from me to me? We certainly don’t need an excuse to treat ourselves, but now’s a good a time as any to look after number one and get yourself a little something special. It doesn’t need to be anything major either – it could be a new book, a bath bomb or even a new outfit ready for your post-lockdown adventures. As long as it makes you smile, going a little all out on retail therapy online is something we’re 100% here for.

5. Rewatch your favourite TV shows

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With streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ releasing new shows and movies on a weekly basis, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding something to watch these days. However, there’s something about rewatching a show you’ve enjoyed which just hits differently. It’s the feeling of comfort and familiarity – knowing exactly what’s going to happen, but still laughing or crying like it’s the first time.

Whether it’s comedies like Gavin & Stacey, Friends, or Parks and Recreation, dramas like Gilmore Girls, Supernatural or Lost, or even recently released shows including Julie and the Phantoms, Bridgerton, or Sex Education, there are some shows which you just never tire of rewatching. The serotonin boost is unmatched and sometimes we’d much rather rewatch something we know we’re going to love than invest time into a series which we might not even enjoy!

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