5 reasons why you should seriously consider a career in football

The chances are that you considered at least some point in your life becoming a professional footballer. Perhaps it was when you were playing a game with your mates, scoring a goal at school, or taking part in a local championship? Although it’s easy to write off your dreams of becoming a professional football player, the truth is that you do stand a chance – below, we’ve put together some of the reasons why it’s something worth pursuing.

There’s money to be made

Perhaps the most obvious reason to pursue a career in football is that, if you play your cards right, there’s a lot of money to be made. Professional football players can command salaries of £100,000 or even £1,000,000 per month – and though you might not get to play for a major team like England or Manchester United, there are still some serious opportunities to make money. If you’re committed to your craft and are genuinely great, you’ll be rewarded.

You’ll learn tonnes of new skills

Don’t buy into the misconception that footballers are dumb: some of today’s biggest players have had brilliant educations and some even have degrees. One of the best things about the football world is that you’ll learn so many new skills that you can transfer into other elements of your life, and perhaps your career if you change your mind later on. For instance, you’ll have excellent team building and communication skills and you’ll know a thing or two about the body. You’ll also be driven, committed and competitive – all important things in life.

There are many career opportunities

As we’ve just touched upon, there are even more career opportunities off the pitch than they are on the pitch. From football coaching and teaching to physiotherapy, punditry, journalism, marketing, and management, all the way through to travel and tourism, you’ll find a role that allows you to make the most of your love of football and earn a serious living. Ker-ching!

Support is on hand to help

One of the best things about perusing a career in football is that there is lots of help on hand to ensure you become the best version of yourself. The Alicante football academy, for example, offers young players the chance to train amongst seasoned professionals in Spain and hone their craft. What’s more, many go on to be signed by teams around the world, and they offer first-class aftercare so you stand the best possible chance of finding a football job.

You only live once

Finally, as cliche as it sounds, it’s important to remember that you only live once. If you love football and it makes you happy, then why not make it your life’s mission? In today’s modern times, it’s never been easier to build a career about a passion project, and whether that means strutting your stuff on the pitch or making Football Manager videos in your bedroom, there are so many ways that you can earn a living doing something you love, every day.


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Written by Monella

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