5 Reasons For The Rise In Staycations

For most of us Brits, taking a holiday is an important way to have a little bit of time off from the stresses of day to day life, and something that most of us try to fit in at least once a year. Unwinding every so often is definitely good for our wellbeing, and whether or not we actually head abroad for it, taking time off to spend quality time with loved ones is important to us.

While a desire to explore other countries definitely fuels many of our destination choices, in recent years there have actually been record-breaking numbers of people choosing to take their holidays right here in the UK, shunning the long-haul flight or the package holiday in favour of a staycation instead.

Leading Holiday Park Management Software company Elite Dynamics have been assisting holiday parks in maximising the opportunity to meet this rise in demand, and they told us “what we’re seeing in recent years is a significant increase in people choosing to make the most of what they have right here on their doorstep, and holiday parks and offering exactly what many people are looking for in terms of accommodation and location.”

To save money

Undeniably one of the top reasons for people choosing to stay home is because a holiday abroad is a luxury that many simply can’t afford in this economic climate.

The cost of flights and accommodation, roaming charges, debit and credit card fees, and things like food can quickly spiral, but for those still wanting a break, a lot of them can be cut with a staycation. You will still have things to pay for, of course, but there is a staycation for every budget and you could even bring your own food if you wanted to.

Lower carbon footprint

When booking an escape to the sun, many people simply don’t think about the impact that flying off somewhere exciting actually has on the environment. The aviation industry uses a staggering 5m barrels of oil on a daily basis, which contributes approximately 2.5% to total carbon emissions.

Those of us who are becoming more and more environmentally conscious may want to think twice before we book that next flight, and opt for a break a little closer to home instead.

So much natural beauty at home

Whichever part of the UK you happen to live in, you’re only ever a few hours away from some stunning natural beauty. We are lucky enough to have the Lake District, Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Dartmoor, and the New Forest right on our doorstep, to name just a few.

At some points in the year, you could even mistake the beaches of Cornwall for somewhere in the Mediterranean!

Our cities have a lot to offer

If you’re not a very outdoorsy person, we have many fantastic cities to explore and enjoy here in the UK too. Why not get to know somewhere you’ve never visited before and take a city break?

Citybase Apartments recently did some research into which cities in the UK are the best for a staycation, ranked by factors such as the price of a pint, family-friendly attractions, and the average rainfall. Take a look if you need a little inspiration!

The weather can be kind

In the midst of a miserable British winter, it can be hard to remember a time when we last saw sunshine, and the temptation to book a cheap getaway somewhere hot can be strong. But while our summers don’t tend to last very long, we do get treated to some beautiful weather every once in a while.

Often when we do book a summer holiday abroad, it’s sod’s law that the weather back home winds up being the nicest it’s been all year. While we may get a little bit less summer than some places, when the warm weather does arrive we can still expect to enjoy a week on the beach if we have one nearby!

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