5 Online Shops for Women in Australia

Shopping is a fun and stress relieving activity. Make the experience even more fun by doing it in the comfort of your own home! Why not do it in bed? With online shopping you can do just this. Whether it is an online based store or a physical store’s website, we have made a list of our favourite online shops for women in Australia just for you. Read on to discover where you find all your essentials with ease on the web.

By Charlotte

The one-stop-shop for jewellery: By Charlotte. Here you can find high-quality, elegant, simple and stylish pieces that will make every one of your looks elite. They sell necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in all different metals. From sterling silver to 14k gold, By Charlotte has stocked personally designed jewellery that descends trends and creates beauty.

Shop for By Charlotte here: https://bycharlotte.com.au


MECCA is your favourite store for all skin-care, makeup and fragrance products. They stock a countless number of brands and describe their shop as the beauty-junky playground. From shopping at MECCA, you can stay in the loop of all beauty trends and shop for all the most popular products in the beauty industry. They also have all the tools to help you keep up, like brushes to hair straighteners.

Look through the MECCA range here: https://www.mecca.com.au

Status Anxiety

Status Anxiety is where you will get all your bags, for all occasions and all practicalities. Whether you’re after a clutch-handbag to carry around with you to brunch or a baby bag to hold your nappies and snacks, Status Anxiety has the bag for you. Their bags are made out of premium leather, so your purchase of choice will last forever. Their designs are timeless and are made to last.

Indulge in Status Anxiety and search through their website here: https://www.statusanxiety.com.au

Lorna Jane

Our favourite online store for active wear is Lorna Jane. They sell all the clothes you need to be active: bras, tights, shorts, tops and more. You can also shop by sport, so you can find equipment and clothing specific to your needs. Or shop by collection which allows you to limit your options to styles like maternity and ski season essentials.

Sprint to Lorna Janes online store here: https://www.lornajane.com.au


The best place to shop for your casual, everyday clothes online would be THE ICONIC. They have a large range of clothes from skirts to knits, as well as a collection of shoes and accessories. They stock over 1,000 local and international brands and a huge 60,000 products, so it’s safe to say you will find more than a few good buys on their website.

Search through THE ICONIC’s large collection here: https://www.theiconic.com.au

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