5 of the greatest Lady Gaga performances of all time

Lady Gaga is, without doubt, one of this generation’s greatest live performers.

Whether you’ve been a fan since Just Dance or you only became a Little Monster during the Joanne era, there are so many assets to Gaga’s live personality – and every performance she puts on is memorable.

Below, we’ve put together five of the greatest Lady Gaga performances of all time.

The SuperBowl

The SuperBowl doesn’t get more exciting than this. In 2017, brought her magic to the Halftime and provided one of the most memorable shows of all time. After being lowered onto the pitch from the roof, Gaga churned out some of her biggest hits, including Bad Romance, Telephone, Born This Way, and Just Dance. And that introduction featuring Paparazzi and Edge of Glory is everything.

VMAs 2009

If you’ve only got time to watch one of these Gaga performances, let it be this one. When Gaga performed one of singles from her debut album The Fame at the VMAs, she pulled out all the stops to shock and impress. This Paparazzi performance includes blood, wheelchairs, shocks and stunning live vocals, which put a different spin on one of Gaga’s biggest hit singles.

BRITs 2010

Just days after the sad passing of Alexander McQueen, Gaga offered a stunning acoustic rendition of her new single “Telephone”, with adapted lyrics as a tribute to Alexander. “Sorry I cannot hear you, we miss you so badly,” Gaga sings. The performance wasn’t done there, though – halfway through, Gaga took off some of her costumes and treat fans to a stunning televised performance of the fan-favourite track “Dance in the Dark” as part of her 2010 BRIT Awards set.

2015 Oscars

Gaga took off the wigs and high heels for her 2015 Oscars performance, paying tribute to Julie Andrews and performing hits from the classic Sound of Music. Not only did this performance showcase Gaga’s incredible vocal talent, but it opened up a whole new fanbase and created a space for her 2016 album Joanne, spawning the hits Perfect Illusion and Million Reasons.

American Idol 2010

Alejandro is one of our favourite Lady Gaga songs, so when she performed it live with a beautiful piano version of Bad Romance, we knew it would become one of our favourite performances. Gaga took to the Idol stage and performed Alejandro with stunning choreography and an amazing set.

What other Gaga performances stand out to you? Let us know your favourites in the comments!

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