5 New Lush Bubble Bars you Need to Try This Spring

We know one thing by now: Lush will always find a way to surprise us! The new spring range proves no different!
Since there are so many lovely newbies in addition to our already beloved range, we thought the best thing to do is a mini-series to dive a bit more into detail. First, we focus on 5 new bubble bars we are head over heels in love with.


Apple Crumble Bubbleroon (each £6.50)
If you love the Rose Jam Bubbleroon or the Peachy Crumble, you might want to try this one:
The Apple Crumble Bubbleroon!

Fresh apple pulp, myrrh resinoid, fair trade organic cocoa butter and cinnamon leaf oil will uplift your spirits.
The mixture of sweet and smoky ingredients will help you relax immediately.
Even if it’s hard not to use the whole bubbleroon at once, it’s possible to set up two bubble baths with it.

Lemon Crumble Bubbleroon (each £6.50)
Maybe neither, the Peachy, nor the Apple Crumble bubbleroon is the right mix for you and you’re looking for something fresher, the Lemon Crumble bubbleroon might be just the right choice!
Filled with Sicilian lemon oil, fresh lemon, fair trade shea butter, and organic cocoa butter, you’ll be able to restore your energy with one bubble bath in a heartbeat…Or in one hour or two, depending on how long you fancy enjoying a nice hot bath.

Reusable Bubble Bars

Frozen Bubble Bar (each £4.95)
You might start to sing ‘Let It Go’ accidentally, while you’re running a bath and crumble bits of this lovely new bubble bar into it.
The name Frozen might be the hint you’re looking for!
If Roots is your no. 1 scalp treatment and you enjoy taking a shower with Dirty Springwash, Frozen might complete your holy trinity.
Filled with spearmint oil and fine sea salt you’ll not only be able to clear your mind with a bath, but also cleanse and moisturize your skin.

Puppy Love Bubble Bar (each £5.95)
This bubble bar might be one of the cutest items Lush has to offer!
The Puppy Love bubble bar is one, you simply fall in love with!
If you are a fan of red mandarin oil and almond essential oil or not so much.
You can trust your Fuzz- fam on this one, you won’t regret to take a break and dive into the purple bubble bath you’ll get when you choose to try this cute puppy face.

Matcha Roll Bubble Bar (each £5.95)
If you love the taste and smell of Matcha power this is bubble bar is the right one for you!
Green Tea powder, cardamom, and almond essential oil touched up with Tonka Absolute are what you’ll get in this amazing Matcha Roll.
While you’ll be able to use the already mentioned bubble baths about two times, the Matcha Roll bubble bar is one you’ll be able to use up to 3 or 4 times, just like The Comforter, The Big Blue, or Brightside.
Like all the named products above, the Matcha Roll bubble bar is also vegan.

The rule for all the bubble bars and bubbleroons out there, you might also want to keep in mind:
Once you got your hands on these amazing new additions to the Lush range, remember: Store them dry until you use them. Then let them dry fully and store them back at a dry place.

How to use: Bubble Bars:

You might have discovered your favourite new bubble bar by now, but keep an eye on @Fuzzable, for the next part in the mini-series to find the next treasures in Lush’s spring collection.

Written by Vanessa

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