5 Must Do’s at Magic Kingdom

It’s no secret that here at Fuzz, we absolutely love Disney. Whether it’s movies, shows or the Disney parks, we are absolutely here for it. As we are taking a trip across the pond to Walt Disney World this week, we thought we’ write up a little list of the five must do’s at Magic Kingdom!

1) The Three Mountains

At Magic Kingdom, there are the “three mountains” which are Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. All three are some of the biggest and most popular rides in the park so make sure you’re doing them first thing, last thing or have a fastpass for them as the queues can build up during the day. But, they are 100% worth it, all three are family friendly rides that are guaranteed to have you all laughing and smiling before going back to do them at least three times during your trip!

2) Walk Through the Castle

Now, this may seem like an absolute given but some people don’t do it! We can all agree that the castle is really the optimum of a Disney park, when you see the castle you know that you’re there and it’s beautiful. But, some people do not take the time to walk through them to Fantasy Land. Not only is it a great way to arrive into Fantasy Land but also, the castles normally have a couple of shops inside as well as some absolutely beautiful artwork on the walls. In Disney World, the entire Cinderella story is told through stain glass artwork!

3) Meet At Least One Character

Let’s be honest, there are two main sides to Disney World. The rides and the characters. Whether you are a ride fanatic or are not actually a huge fan then meeting the characters is a wonderful experience. Whether you’ve got little ones, are a couple or even if you’re on your own, meeting the characters in any Disney park is a real blast! I mean, it would be rude not to say hello to Mickey now, wouldn’t it?

Also, there is definitely a massive range of characters you can meet from Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy to Cinderella, Arial and Belle. If you want to make sure that you’re meeting some great characters, why not book a character meal? Magic Kingdom offers so many great choices for character dinning from Winnie the Pooh to Princesses!

4) Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After is the firework show that takes place just before park closing every night in Magic Kingdom. It’s an explosive show of beautiful fireworks, breathtaking music and is a good chance to have a massive singalong to some of your favourite Disney songs! Make sure you are checking your program and the park hours to see when Happily Ever After starts because it is something that you absolutely don’t want to miss, it will take your breath away and leave your with tears in your eyes!

5) Shopping

We couldn’t make this list without including shopping! We all know that Disney World offers some absolutely beautiful items and there will be something for absolutely everybody. From pins to ears to clothing to mugs, Disney definitely has it all! And, the Magic Kingdom is one of the places that you can find it, there are so many shops around the park so you can definitely find one that you’ll like! And, don’t forget that a lot of the rides also have a small shop at the end so don’t forget to have a browse before leaving!


Obviously, there are so many amazing things to do at the Magic Kingdom and all across Disney World. So, make sure you let us know what your favourite things to do are by tweeting us @Fuzzable!

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