5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Furniture for Your New Home

Moving into a new home is an opportunity to do away with old clutter and begin life on a fresh note. Replacing old furniture is a great way to instill freshness and contemporary style to your new abode, and you’ve likely already spent months researching the latest furniture trends online and offline.

Now that it’s time to buy furniture for your new house, it’s important to avoid the common mistakes frequently made by shoppers who’re new to the furniture buying process or haven’t purchased big-ticket pieces in a long time.

To avoid wasting your money and time on buying the wrong furniture, take note of the five things you shouldn’t do when picking a piece for your new space.

Taking measurements but not paying attention to scale

While you may have remembered to take exact measurements of every space that you want to fill with new furniture, did you also take into the crucial element of scale—that is, how a particular piece of furniture would look in your living room alongside the other large items you have in the area.

While a gigantic loveseat may look great in the store, it may steal all the attention in your home if it’s too big or too dominating for the room. Whenever buying large items, in particular, visualize and consider if they would go well with the scheme of things rather than outshine everything else.

Buying cheap furniture because it fits your budget

As replacing old furniture requires significant spending, every homeowner looks to save money on every purchase, and rightly so. It makes complete sense to hunt for bargains when buying furniture and décor for your new home, but many shoppers make the mistake of falling for mega discounts or ridiculously low prices, knowing well that they’re compromising quality and durability for a superfluously stylish look.

There are many furniture brands out there offering home furniture at dirt-cheap prices. What you should consider before buying cheap furniture is if it really is a saving or a wasteful purchase that will require frequent repairs later.

Buying stylish pieces not fit for everyday use

With so many beautiful designs to choose from, it is easy for anyone to get carried away and buy a sofa, bed, dining table, or drawer chest that looks great but doesn’t serve the purpose it’s intended for. For instance, if you have young children and your family spends a lot of time in the living room, it’s probably not wise to buy a super-expensive leather couch. Choose a sturdy, functional and comfortable sofa instead that can withstand heavy usage and doesn’t require much maintenance.

Similarly, choose the beds for your new home with care. Don’t buy the cheapest option available—for sound sleep, you need a bed that’s sturdy and comfortable. Invest in a modern king one that does away with the need to buy a box spring and yet offers the same comfort as a conventional bed.

Forgetting to measure door frames

While most people would remember to take proper space measurements—at least before buying the larger pieces such as beds, couches, desks and dining tables—many forget to measure the door frames in their homes. The last thing you want is to end up with an expensive piece of furniture that won’t fit through your front door or the door of the room where it is intended to be placed.

Whether buying online or at a brick-and-mortar store, ensure to write down all measurements, including door dimensions, and buy an item only if it fits your space, goes well with your décor, fits your budget and, most importantly, serves your needs.

Buying more than you need

Often, in the excitement of doing up a new home, furniture shoppers make the mistake of buying too much at once, making impulse purchases for different reasons—because there was a big discount or something was too beautiful to let go, or simply because you had the money.

While a small piece such as an end table or stool won’t’ hurt the clutter-free environment of your new home, acquiring furniture that you don’t really need at the moment can blow your budget and make your space look disorganized and smaller than it is.

Instead of getting carried away, take the time to consider if you really need an item and if it would add value to your home and your everyday life. Avoid buying fad furniture that won’t bring you any joy or may quickly go out of style.

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