5 lockdown gift ideas for your boyfriend

With the majority of the world cooped up at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, family get-togethers and birthday celebrations are a thing of the past – for the time being, anyway.

Because of that, millions of us are going to face the unusual prospect of a lockdown birthday – that is, having to spend your special day without your friends and loved ones with you.

Though we can’t magic up a vaccine or a time machine right now (sorry about that!) we can offer you some food for thought on gift ideas for your boyfriend’s upcoming birthday, whether you’re locked up with him or you’re missing each other and operating through FaceTime…

Netflix or Amazon Prime

Okay, let’s start with the most obvious one. With so many of us furloughed from our jobs, or worse still made redundant due to the virus, we have more time on our hands than ever.

And let’s face it: there’s only so many times you can sort through your wardrobe and cupboards.

If your boyfriend loves watching movies and TV shows, treat him to an annual subscription to a streaming service he doesn’t already have. Though Netflix and Amazon Prime are the most popular choices, there are thousands of boxsets and movies on Disney+, Apple TV+, Britbox, HeyU, Now TV, and MUBI. Research your options and surprise him with a code!

Food subscription box

Got a boyfriend who loves to cook? Though supermarket shelves are returning to a more normal state of affairs post-panic buying, it’s sometimes nice to experiment with new flavours and recipes that you’d never normally try out. Sure, you could buy your partner a cookbook, but how likely is he to read through it and actually make something that tickles your fancy?

Instead, consider a food subscription service like Gousto or Hello Fresh. These boxes come delivered to your door with all of the ingredients you need to make a fancy dish, alongside a recipe card and a step-by-step video. Whether your boyfriend cooks for you or you cook for him, these boxes are a great way to feel like you’re out for a meal, without spending £100s.

An electric bike

Lockdown won’t last forever, and if you’re looking for a special gift that your boyfriend will cherish for years to come, then consider buying him an electric commuter bike.

Not only are these bikes great for the daily commute to work, but they gain power when you pedal, making them faster and more efficient than standard push bikes. Oh, and they look awesome, too, which definitely helps if you’re looking for a “wow” gift that will raise your boyfriend’s spirits.

Another reason why so many people are switching to electric bikes is that they are so much better for the environment, especially in cities. Indeed, an electric bike produces 100 times less CO2 than a standard car, and because bikes offer more freedom over where you can travel than cars, they help to avoid traffic, reduce stress, and get you where you need to be.

Comfortable pyjamas

We can’t be sure how long lockdown is going to last, and though we don’t recommend sitting in front of the TV binging boxsets and slurping Ben & Jerry’s ice cream forever, there’s no harm in doing it every now and again! And what better way to do so than when wearing a comfortable pair of pyjamas?

Whether you buy your boyfriend a snug onesie so he can relax when playing video games, or you buy a matching set so you look like the Kardashians, there are so many options to consider. And the best part is that you get to choose for him!

A new laptop

Finally, consider the benefits of investing in a new laptop or desktop computer for your boyfriend’s birthday, especially if he works from home or has a bright idea to start his own business whilst furloughed.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, either: PC World has decent laptops from as little as £199, though you can push the boat out and buy a MacBook Pro or a high-end Surface desktop if you wanted to. Not only are laptops a practical gift, but they’ll encourage your partner to become more productive when it’s easy to feel like doing nothing.

There you have it – five great gift ideas for the partner in your life. Whatever you’re planning to do to celebrate his birthday, we hope you have a truly special day in these crazy times.

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