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PRIDE MONTH: 5 LGBTQ+ Celebrities That Inspire Us


No matter where you fall on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, it helps to have people to look up to for advice and inspiration. Coming out can be one of the most difficult situations a queer person can face. Luckily, there are many out and proud celebrities living their most authentic and true lives who we at Fuzzable want to celebrate for their strength and bravery.


Here are 5 LGBTQ+ celebrities that have inspired us!


Hayley Kiyoko – Lesbian 

Hayley Kiyoko
Image via The Guardian

Singer songwriter Hayley Kiyoko has come a long way since her first mainstream media appearance in the Disney Channel film Lemonade Mouth. She proudly writes music about being attracted to women, penning popular songs such as Girls Like Girls that blatantly describe her experience being queer. She is so beloved by her fans that they have taken to affectionately calling her Lesbian Jesus! It is inspiring to see such a prominent lesbian musician making waves in the mainstream music scene.


Tan France – Gay

Tan France
Image via The Guardian

Tan France, arguably the most prominent openly gay Muslim man on television, is the fashion expert and resident British member of the Fab Five, the group from the Netflix makeover show Queer Eye. Tan makes this list over the other members of the Fab Five because of his willingness to engross himself in queer culture, something that he admits he was shy of before his time on the show. One particularly inspiring moment is when Tan sits down with Skyler, a transman who is being madeover on the show, and admits his ignorance of transgender issues. He shows such a heartfelt willingness to learn more about the trans experience, something that he was previously unaware of to such an extent.

Tan is an inspiration for proving that it is alright to admit when you do not understand something and to make an effort to become better educated.


Lady Gaga – Bisexual

Lady Gaga wearing a Pride inspired outfit
Image via Lady Gaga on IG


Ever since Lady Gaga came onto the scene in 2008, she has been an inspiration to the LGBTQ+ community. She has been publicly out as bisexual since 2009 and is not only a talented musician, designer, artist and actress, but also an avid campaigner for equal rights and equality around the world. You can pretty much guarantee that her iconic song Born This Way will be played at every Pride event until the end of time! It is such an anthem of freedom, self-respect and love. Lady Gaga’s experimental and artistic style proudly declare that bisexual people do not have to fit any stereotypes or conform to any particular standards.


Are you Gaga for Gaga? Listen to her and other queer artists on Fuzzable’s Pride Playlist!


Laverne Cox – Transgender

Laverne Cox
Image via Stylecaster.com

Best known for her role as the hairstylist Sophia Burset on Netflix’s show Orange Is the New Black, Laverne Cox has helped pave the way for transgender actors in modern mainstream media. She was the first transgender actor to be nominated for an Emmy in any category, and also the first transgender person to win any Emmy! Her authentic portrayal of the trans prison inmate Sophia has touched the lives of so many people. Laverne was harassed and abused for being queer as she grew up, and her achievements recognise that trans actors have the potential to be just as successful as cisgender actors.


Sam Smith – Non-binary

Sam Smith
Image via hollywoodlife.com

The British musician Sam Smith made headlines when they came out as non-binary last year. Sam received many questions about this, with some people simply not understanding what being non-binary means, and others being more judgemental and spiteful. Their outspoken reliance in the face of being misgendered is truly inspiring! They refuse to be quiet about their identity as non-binary and they are making sure to correct those who use incorrect pronouns. We are happy for Sam, as they have said that since coming out, their body confidence and overall view of their image has improved. We applaud their brave decision to be un-apologetically queer, because they have become a role model to non-binary and gender non-conforming people everywhere!


Who are your LGBTQ+ inspirations? Let us know at @Fuzzable on Twitter!


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