5 gift ideas for the man who loves to play golf

With Christmas just around the corner, the chances are that you’re looking for gift ideas for the man in your life. If your husband can’t spend a weekend without hitting the links, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve rounded up some gift ideas for men who love to play golf…


A golf watch

Want to splash out on a gift that your man will treasure for years to come? You can’t go too far wrong than with a wristwatch designed specifically for golfers.

The most popular of the lot is the Garmin Approach, which features a heart-rate monitor, activity profiles, performance metrics, and perhaps most importantly, an in-built GPS. There are dozens of alternatives on the market, but you’ll likely find that Garmin’s offering is the easiest to use on the course. It’s possible to load up a course on their wrist, and it will automatically display their distance from key positions on the course, helping them take their golfing sessions to the next level.


Personalised golf balls

Did you know that more than 300 million golf balls are lost in the United States alone every single year? Though the average golfer will lose two balls per round, they’re more likely to go looking for them if they have their own personalised golf balls, emblazoned with their name and a personalised ball marking.

You can keep it traditional and have your lover’s name etched onto the side of these premium balls, or have some fun and add a fun quote or symbol that means something special to the pair of you. There are endless possibilities.


Gift vouchers for their own accessories

Let’s face it: if you’re not a golfer, navigating the world of golf can be a minefield. The best way to avoid any embarrassment or unwanted gifts is to let them choose something on their own.

You can do this by buying a gift voucher or gift card from their favourite store, whether it’s one local to them, or even Auchterlonies, a golf shop Scotland. Shop around and look for a company that stocks a large selection of golf products like clothing, footwear, and clubs. The more choice they have, the more likely they are to find something they really want.


Golf shoes

Ugly golf shoes are a thing of the past, and today, the world’s biggest brands create shoes specifically for the world of golf. Nike is one of those, with their Nike Air Max 1 G shoes offering unparalleled comfort on the links. The company says that their shoe “reinvents an icon” and introduces new features designed just for the course. With a Max Air unit, every step they take is cushioned, ideal for transitioning between the course and the concrete.


A Bluetooth speaker

The truth is that many golfers want total silence on the course, but if your partner takes their golfing a little less seriously, then a Bluetooth speaker could be an option to consider. They can carry it around with them during a game, attaching the speaker to their cart or bag. Shop around and look for a speaker that’s waterproof, ideal for year-round listening on the go.


Do you have any other golf gift ideas? Let us know and check back soon for some more.

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