5 fun and quirky first date ideas

If you’ve been spending the past few months swiping through Tinder and you’ve found a match that you’d like to meet, then you should probably start planning your first date. Of course, you could go for a walk or see a movie, but they’re boring date ideas. Below, we’ve put together some quirky suggestions to keep your date on their toes and give you an evening to remember.

1. Go to a theme park

What better way to get to know each other than by screaming and holding hands on a roller coaster? There are theme parks and amusement parks around the world, all packed with coasters and other attractions that will keep your date fun. Spending a day with a stranger can be awkward, but theme parks take away some of the pressure and give you something to talk about and focus on. Scream if you wanna go faster? Erm, maybe not on the first date.

2. Bring your dogs

Pets are great icebreakers, so consider bringing along your dogs and exploring the local park or beach. Not only will you get to know your date, but your dog will have a new friend to play with, and you’ll be able to check whether or not your pets are compatible. Because that’s important.

3. Go on a bar crawl

If you’re a fan of drinking and you think that a cocktail or two will help to calm the nerves, then consider going on a bar crawl to get to know each other. Start in your favourite bar, and then move to theirs. You’ll be relaxed and ready to chat in no time. Just remember to have a reliable friend or family member at the end of the phone who’ll be on hand to pick you up when you’re ready for bed.

4. Update your wardrobes

Another quirky first date idea is to head to the shops and stock up on a whole new wardrobe. If you’re feeling brave, you could set your date a challenge to buy you a whole new outfit from the charity shops for less than £20 and vice versa. Not only is it fun, but it helps you to judge whether or not your date has a fashion sense, and, of course, you’ll be supporting a local charity, too!

5. Head to the water park

Okay, we get it. Getting undressed in front of a date is bad enough if you’ve known them six months, never mind on a first date. But letting loose and heading to a water park can be great fun, and help you get to know your date just a little bit better. You can dare each other to try out the slides, or you could unwind and ask each other questions in the hot tub. Once the initial awkwardness is out of the way, a water park really makes sense as a first date.

Would you try out any of these ideas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Written by J

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