5 of our favourite songs from the Crazy Ex Girlfriend series

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, you’ll no doubt know about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s one of the biggest shows to come out of The CW in recent years, and its weekly episode – each coming with at least two new songs – attracts millions of viewers around the world.

Today, we’re carrying out the virtually impossible task of ranking our five favorite CXG songs from five to one. Do you agree with our choices? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

5. The Sexy Getting Ready Song

If you’ve ever spent half the day getting ready for a date, then you’ll be able to relate to The Sexy Getting Ready Song. This track, which featured in episode two of the first season, is made even funnier by its hilarious video. While Rebecca waxes, shaves and plucks, her date has a nap on the sofa, highlighting the extremes between men and women and their attitudes to looking good.

4. Heavy Boobs

Sit down, Nicki Minaj; there’s a new Rap Queen in town. “Each of my double Ds has the volume of a toddler’s head,” says Rebecca in this hilarious clip. Need we say more? Oh, yes, a warning: this song will get stuck in your head, so be prepared to be singing about boobs for the rest of the day.

3. I Give Good Parent

‘Boobs’ isn’t the only rap track on the CXG soundtrack – I Give Good Parent is another heavyweight, and Amy Hill’s feature – complete with gold grills – makes the track even more addictive. Oh, and this video was filmed before the Mannequin Challenge took off, so Rebecca knows how to start a trend.

2. The First Penis I Saw

When Paula bumped into an old flame at the grocery store, it wasn’t the relationship she was reminded of. This track, the only in our top five not to feature Rebecca, sounds like an ABBA cast off, and it’s oh-so-amazing. We should probably take the time to say that Paula is our favorite CXG character too, so any track that features her vocals is going to be a jam in our eyes.

1. West Covina (Reprise 1)

Cast your mind back to series one, episode one. Rebecca has traveled to West Covina, had an uncomfortable encounter with colleague Paula, and she’s just found out that Josh Chan wants to meet up for dinner. The West Covina reprise, which features vocals from Rebecca and Paula, is one that always makes is tingle. It’s the moment we realize Rebecca – and Paula, for that matter – are a little bit unhinged. And we love it!

What are your thoughts on our countdown? Do you agree with our five favorite songs?

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