5 Face Masks That Actually Work for Most Skin Types

If you love trying different face masks but worry about what it may do to your skin type, then this is for you.

Finding a great face mask is often times difficult though it seems easy; you pick one up and put it on your face. However, that’s not the case for many of us. If your skin is dry- you don’t want something that may be too exfoliating. If your skin is oily- you don’t want something that has too much oil or is even too hydrating because it may make your skin worse.

These face masks have different attributes that make them great for almost all skin types.


This mask is one of my personal favorites. I have dry skin, so I will use this overnight to keep my skin nice and hydrated through the week. It doesn’t leave a gross oil feel after you rinse your face after wearing it and it just leaves a nice glow. This mask is also appropriate for oily skin types who may be dehydrated and it won’t exacerbate your oily skin.


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For dry skin, this one is a gift from the beauty heavens. It’s hard to exfoliate dry skin because we worry we’re stripping away oil our skin needs. This one doesn’t do that AT ALL. It does exactly what it’s supposed to (and even smells great). This is one of L’OREAL’s newest items in skin care and it’s seriously probably one of their best ones too.


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Pomegranate is one of the few products that should be used MORE in skin care. It has a lot of great natural benefits and Tony Moly tapped into it’s abilities with this mask. It’s great for firming up your skin and giving it a little bit more stay power. No one likes sagging skin and this one helps that a little bit. The sheet mask is good for 30 minutes and isn’t as annoying as others.


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For oily or dry skin this one is fantastic. It can be used as both a mask and a cleanser. I recommend this one for all skin types when I have clients. It’s a cheaper alternative to brands like Dermalogica. You may use this one more, but it still has great effects. I use it as a mask on my nose for blackheads about once a week and also use it as a cleanser in my shower twice a week.


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This is one of those products that is worth what you pay for. This mask helps improve elasticity and collagen in ALL skin types. It’s from the Age Smart line by Dermalogica which is for aging skin types, but is also preventative. In a professional opinion, this is something I pushed on people a lot to buy. You’ll see a big difference in your skin by 6 weeks.

What are some of your favorite masks? Have you tried any of the ones we mentioned?
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