5 Eyeliners That Will Stay All Day

Eyeliner is one of those things that is almost 100% necessary in makeup. Whether it’s liquid, gel or pencil you have to have it.

There’s many different uses for each type of eyeliner, but the most popular reason would have to be a wing.

If you’re looking for a new eyeliner because yours just isn’t cutting it anymore, here’s 5 we love!

1. Stila – Stay All Day ($22.00)

This eyeliner comes in a felt tip pen that makes applying it extremely easy. In comparison to using a brush for applying eyeliner, it’s just less complicated and messy. Stila has one of the best felt tip pens hands down. The liquid comes out smooth and consistent and really leaves a sharp edge on a wing.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Creme Color ($18.00)

A gel liner like this one comes around once in a lifetime. It’s smooth, easy to apply and doesn’t dry out before you can get it to your eye. However, I have noticed that if you do a bolder or thicker wing, it tends to smudge in the crease. In the end though, it is great for a nice sharp wing.

3. Sigma StandOut Eyes Gel Liner ($14.00)

Gel Eye Liner

You’ve probably seen people go on and on about this one. That’s because it really is as great as other people mention. It’s not hard to get on a brush or hard to apply. Sigma is just a great brand for a lesser price than others.

4. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($20.00)

Kat Von D’s liner in Trooper is as solid as it gets. It’s also in a felt tip pen and delivers a precise amount of liquid to your eye. There is no denying the stay power of this one either. People have said it’s stayed on for up to 12 hours looking completely flawless.

5. NYX Noir ($5.99)

Image result for nyx noir liquid liner

For as cheap as this liner is you’d think it’ll last 3 hours before smudging everywhere. You’d be wrong. This liner will really hold all day long. It comes with a small pot and brush. The brush is so thin that the amount that comes out is perfect for almost both eyes. We LOVE this one.

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