5 Essential Black Friday Shopping Tips

The countdown to Black Friday is on, so that can only mean it’s time to withdraw your life savings and get ready to splurge it all on the very best deals and discounts about. This year’s Black Friday sales are on November 23rd, and to help you out, we’ve got the 5 essential shopping tips you need to know about…

1. Set a budget

It’s easy to find yourself getting carried away if you don’t set a spending limit. Even if something is heavily discounted it could still be outside your budget, so work out what you can afford to spend before hitting the sales… and then stick to it!

2. Get researching

It’s best to start researching and looking around for the pieces you want to buy now, so that you can check to see if they’re on sale when it comes to Black Friday, and immediately snatch them up.

Check your social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for the latest offers and information from your favourite shops and brands.

You might also want to familiarise yourself with return policies and fees, as these can change during the Black Friday sale season.

3. Make a list & prioritize

Don’t shop blindly. You’ll risk ending up wasting your hard earned money on stuff you don’t actually need. A list is always a safe bet to ensure you don’t fall into the trap of buying unnecessary stuff.

Make sure your list is prioritized, with the most important items at the very top. Everyone will be looking for the best deals so you don’t want to miss out.

4. Start looking early

Black Friday is no longer just a one-day event. The sales start during the week leading up to it, the weekend after and don’t forget Cyber Monday, which is on November 26th. Get in there early and grab yourselves the best deals while they’re still in stock!

You might also want to sign up to retail newsletters by email, as they will be sending through all their best Black Friday deals straight to your inbox. It’s definitely worth it as you can always unsubscribe afterwards.

5. Shop around

So, you’ve found what you think is the best deal – stop! First, have a look online to see if you’re getting the best price out there. You can use price comparison engines like Google Shopping to see if you can get any more money off.

Next, check to see if you’re eligible for any extra perks or discounts. For example, student discount for students or next day delivery for Amazon Prime members.

If you’re shopping in-store but find a better price elsewhere, you can always try asking politely if they are willing to price match. This might fall short but it’s always worth a try. There’s no harm in asking, and you might be pleasantly surprised!

But if you miss the Black Friday sales – don’t panic! There’s always Cyber Monday, the sales leading up to Christmas and even the January sales if you miss out.

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Written by Chris Bland

Hi there! My name is Chris and I am a 20 year old student from London! I have a passion for fashion (that rhymed!) and love creating content on the latest menswear trends. Say hello on Twitter: @itsbland

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