5 Easy Ways To Make Some Fast Cash

It doesn’t more than a large unexpected expense to put most of us in a dangerous financial position. Urgent car repairs, bill payments or just trying to make it until your next paycheck can be a real challenge for many people.

When you are in between paychecks and something comes up that requires extra funds, you can find yourself in a real bind. There are plenty of ways to earn extra cash on the side but very few of them can get you cash the same day.

The Bank of America recommends avoiding the pitfalls of payday loans as they can quickly put you in an even greater amount of debt than when you started. No credit check loan from a direct lender is a safe way to go for many people and it is fast and easy to get approved. Check out these other great ideas for getting money in your hands fast.

Donate Blood/Plasma

In under an hour and with very little inconvenience, you can donate your plasma for quick cash. On your first visit you will have to undergo a quick physical examination and answer some medical questions and then you can be ready to donate. You can make up to $40 for each donation depending on your blood type. It is recommended by the Red Cross that you do not donate plasma more than once a week to protect your own health.


Almost everyone knows someone who could use a night out away from their kids. Talk to friends and relatives about babysitting for them for the evening or even on a regular basis. Enjoy spending time with the kids and put some extra cash in your pocket. If you don’t know anyone with children, you can always sign up for a babysitting course and put out an ad in your local area offering your services.

No Credit Check Loans

A secured loan is easy and quick to get approved. If you have no established credit or a credit score under 620 you may have difficulty borrowing money from a traditional lender.  Once you put up an item as collateral for a secured loan, the process is very simple. You can also save a ton of money on high interest rates and poor payment terms that can come with a bank loan.

Garage Sale

You can gather up your unused items and set up a garage sale to make some extra cash. From sporting equipment to books and video games, you may be surprised at how much stuff you have lying around that can make you a little bit of money. Try selling items online through auction sites like Ebay or LetGo.

Sell Your Gift Cards

One of the most popular gifts today are gift cards. If you happen to have several cards laying around that haven’t been used, you can consider selling them off to friends. Advertise that you have a $50 gift card available for only $40 and watch your wallet fill up with cash.

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