5 Dolan Twins Videos That Make The World A Better Place

If you have yet to stumble across the Dolan Twins on YouTube, you are certainly missing out. Ethan and Grayson Dolan are the 18-year-old Vine stars who came over to YouTube, and since then they’ve amassed 6 million subscribers and have created content that allows viewers to take a moment from whatever stress or upset they are going through, and just smile and laugh.

We’ve decided to create a top 5 list of the videos from the New Jersey born and bread pair, so you can unwind and feel the positivity of the world. (Plus, they are really easy on the eye).



Diss-Tracks were the thing in 2016. Everyone from Jake Paul and Logan Paul to KSI and Rice Gum were all taking shots out of each other through questionable attempts at music, so our favorite duo decides to poke fun of the trend and each other in this genius roast.


If you have ever wondered if identical twins who live together, work together and socialize together are actually different from each other, then here is the answer to that question. We learn a lot about how Ethan and Grayson differ from Grayson’s ASMR bedtime routine to Ethan’s love of a facemask.


Kardashians and Jenners step aside. In this video, the twins show us what life would be like if they had their own reality T.V show. The only question we were left with after this video is where the heck can we get a baby pineapple from.


Okay, so there may be a third twin, named Nolan Dolan. But for some reason, Ethan and Grayson chose to hide this equally as attractive but shy member of the family from us. Come on Ethan and Grayson, let us see Nolan more

One – 

So the one video that will definitely make you smile and laugh is this; where beauty guru James Charles lets the twins loose doing his makeup. Prepare for the ultimate in sibling rivally, a new place to stick highlight and some dodgy liner.


We hope these videos have made you smile and laugh as much as they did us.

Let us know by tweeting us @Fuzzable who your favorite twin is.

Written by Niki

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