5 Celebrity Books We Recommend!

In a world filled with TV stars, musicians, iconic figures and beloved characters, there are so many incredible life stories just waiting to be discovered. There is only one problem: how do you know which ones to read? Have no fear, Fuzzable is here! We have devised a list of our top five celebrity must reads, we think you will fall in love with over and over… you’re welcome!

Michelle Obama – Becoming

This beautiful title written by one of the most admired women in the world today is a perfect addition to any bookshelf. This is a truly empowering read, by a highly iconic figure. From being the very first African-American First Lady, to becoming a powerful advocate for women all over the world, take a walk with Michelle into both her public and private life and leave feeling empowered and inspired! Be prepared to fall in love with the Obamas all over again.

Noel Fitzpatrick – Becoming The Supervet: Listening To The Animals

Delve deeper into the life of one of the nation’s most beloved individuals, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick. This heart warming title introduces readers to Channel 4’s animal saviour, and shows what it is really like to be The Supervet. Discussing everything from his early childhood, to what led him to become the revolutionary vet he is known as today, this story is truly inspiring and is a must read for any animal lover. Your eyes will be full of tears and your heart full of love, for one of the most incredible people on the planet, who dedicates his life every day to saving man’s best friends.

Gary Barlow – A Better Me

Written by one of the most successful songwriters of all time, take a look at what life as Take That’s Gary Barlow is really like. What is it like to be so famous? Including everything from hitting rock bottom to coming out on top, this book is full of experiences we can all relate to. See what life is like behind closed doors with this spectacular insight into one of the most well-known household names.

Dani Dyer – What Would Dani Do?

She stole our hearts from the moment we saw her and is fast becoming an idol for girls everywhere, but who really is Dani Dyer? How did she go from being Danny Dyer’s loving daughter to the bubbly role model we all know and love today? This beautiful title highlights her battles with bullying, relationships and insecurities, which we can all relate to. Welcome to Dani’s unique take on the world around her, and the ultimate guide to living your best life every day!

Kevin Keegan – My Life In Football

Written by one of the greatest footballers in English history, follow Kevin Keegan’s life through football and his rise to fame. Relive his passionate journey through his career and his legendary years managing Newcastle United. From the highs to the lows, find out all there is to know about one of football’s most iconic figures of all time. This deeply honest and moving story is perfect for any football lover.

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Written by Amy Carr

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