5 Cats You Should Be Following on Instagram

Calling all cat lovers out there (and other animals too, we don’t judge!). By now, we’ve all heard of Grumpy Cat which took the internet by storm in the form of a meme, but what about all those other glorious cats? We’ve compiled a list of five cats on Instagram that we think you should be following for all your daily cat needs!

5. Cat Mark (mark_elmakias)

Cat Mark is music photographer Adam Elmakias’ cat. Mark has black and white fur and looks like one of the softest cats we’ve ever seen.


4. Lil Bub (iamlilbub)

Lil Bub is a rescue cat with special needs and wants to make a point to spread awareness about adoption and proper animal care. A portion of proceeds from the BUB store goes to a fund for special needs pets.

3. Able and Finfin (able_maew)

Able is a cat with only two hind legs, and Finfin is a cat with her two back legs impaired. Their Instagram shows both the cats going about their everyday cat lives, despite their disabilities.

2. Venus the Two Face Cat (venustwofacecat)

Venus the Two Face Cat shows us how cats can be unique, individual and different, just like people are! One side of Venus’ face is black with a green eye, while the other side of her face is ginger tabby with a blue eye, with the rest of her fur being a mixture of the both.

1. Willow (willowthesquishycat)

Willow is a plain, black cat rescued from a hoarder/breeder where she was the mother cat, but now she is an only cat! Her current owners often dress her up in funny outfits, such as Nyan Cat, an avocado, a piece of bread and even Yoda.

You can share your own photos of your cat(s) on Instagram by using the hashtag, #catsofinstagram, or by tweeting your photos to us!

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