5 awesome gift ideas for your mum

If you’re looking to treat your mum to a special gift, whether it’s for her birthday or for Mother’s Day, then fear not. In this article, we’ve rounded up five of the very best gift ideas for your mum, so stick around and be sure to let us know which one of these you decided to choose.!


The chances are that your mum loves her cosmetics, so give her a helping hand and buy her something to add to her collection. Anti-aging skin gel from a company like Aúreal 407, for example, is a popular choice for women over fifty, as it helps to rejuvenate their skin and keep them looking as refreshed as can be. Oh, and if that isn’t the right option, then you could treat your mum to a bath bomb or gift set from a store such as The Body Shop or Lush, both perfect pick-me-up cosmetic providers.

Personalised cushion

Want to give your mum something cute and memorable? Consider buying her a customised cushion with pictures of her children, family and pets. Not only are these cushions great fun, but they can make a lovely addition to a bedroom or sitting room, and can be designed with text for additional personalisation. What’s more, they’re pretty easy to clean, so you can give your mum a lasting gift that she’ll treasure for years to come – and sit on every evening in front of the TV!

A bottle of wine

If your mum loves drinking wine, then give her a special bottle for her birthday or celebration – or even a crate or box of wine if you want to splash the cash. There are so many options available to you, and the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a delicious drink. You can find high-quality wines in supermarkets and local alcohol shops, while online alternatives often offer free by-the-case delivery, which is convenient and saves you the hassle of shopping, too!

A music voucher

If your mum is always asking you how to find music online, or still spending a fortune on buying music through iTunes or in the form of physical CDs, then you could give her a voucher to spend on an Apple Music or Spotify subscription. That way, she’ll be able to listen to all of her favourite songs and ‘blasts from the past’, and she’ll stop hassling you for music advice!

A girly spa day

The best presents in life involve spending time with your loved ones, and a girly spa day is one of the most obvious ideas to mention. Not only does your mum get to relax with a face mask and a glass of champagne, but you’ll be able to tag along, too, so it’s a present for the both of you.

Whatever you get your mum, do let us know on Twitter using @Fuzzable. We look forward to hearing from you, and featuring some of your suggestions in a future gift guide for mums!

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