5 alternatives to a foreign vacation this summer

With the coronavirus putting most of our travel plans on hold for summer 2020, it’s natural to feel a little down about the future.

Sure, we’re making good progress with social distancing and in some parts of the world the virus has been all-but wiped out, but after working so hard for months and being forced to stay indoors for long periods of time, a trip to a far-away land surely would give you a new lease of life.

You might not feel comfortable sitting on a Boeing 737 right now, there are other ways you can feel like you’ve had a break this summer…

Stay with friends or family

If your state or local government allows, why not go on a road trip and see your friends and family who live in different towns and cities? This way, you’ll not only get to catch up with people you might not have seen for months, but also won’t have to pay for accommodation!

Give yourself a tan

A big part about going on holiday is to get a good tan. If you can’t sit for hours on a Malibu beach, you can still get that summer glow by buying some of the best outdoor tanning lotion to get dark fast. The best part is that you don’t have to wait two weeks to start glowing – you can apply the treatment and look fabulous in a few minutes. Who needs real sun, anyway!?


Organize a staycation

Why not book a week or two off work and spend some time at home with your closest friends and family? You can host a pool party, a grill and chill evening, and movie nights where you watch your favourite Netflix show with some popcorn and snacks. We get it: it won’t be as fun as being in another country, but it’ll still take your mind off all of the craziness right now.


Plan day trips

You don’t need to travel thousands of miles to have a good time or feel like you’ve had a break away from home. Gather your family together and decide what activities you’d like to get up to – theme parks, zoos, water parks, and outdoor theatres are all open for you to explore this summer, and the best part is that staying local means no jet lag! You’ll also be supporting the local economy at a time when it needs it the most; it’s road trip time, guys!


Binge YouTube series

If you’re itching to get back to travelling but don’t want to take the risk right now, you could start watching YouTube series from backpackers and travellers. People are documenting their journeys online every day, whether they’re travelling from one part of the US to another, heading to Disneyland for its reopening day, or jetting off on an adventure far, far, away. You might feel a bit jealous when you watch these videos, but they’re great for some escapism.

Whatever you get up to this summer, have a great time! Stay safe and have fun.

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