4 Tips That Will Help Your Career Get Started In The Gas & Oil Industry

Do you have an interest in the gas and oil industry but wonder if it has competitive wages and numerous opportunities for growth? Overall, this is a sector with diverse fields that are gateways to different occupations that differ in education and skill requirements. The industry is always evolving and continuously in need of a skilled workforce to fill up open positions.

If you are still young to the industry are looking to break through, finding the right information that will help you get your career started on the right footing may seem difficult. Below are some vital tips on how you can find your first gig in the oil and gas industry.

Never Underestimate Networking

Strive to find and connect with various key and influential players in the industry. But it that is not something within your level of connections, then reach out to professionals that you know work in the oil and gas sector. Having the right connects can play a significant role in helping convince the recruiting personnel that you are the right candidate for the job. Ensure that your resume is up to scratch and present it in person after a recommendation.

Moreover, you can look into the local chapter of any oilfield and gas related organization that you can join. Remember to stay current with matters related to the industry attention conventions, meeting and taking training courses. As you network, also research and know the various disciplines that are in or have a high demand. Also, look into the companies that you would be interested in joining.

Learn Some Basics Of The Industry

In as much as some organizations and companies will be open to training recruits, not many are keen on starting from scratch with their employees. Therefore, you should have some skills that qualify you for such a position. If you are to hold a technical role, then you should be familiar with the terminologies they use. It is beneficial to keep up to date with industry news with Fircroft. You should consider taking offshore HUET training or even a class on oilfield operations. You do not necessarily have to angle for a degree, but you should apply for certification, at the very least.

Keep Your Resume Current

A robust resume and well-written cover letter will be your stepping stone into the oil and gas industry, as they would when joining any other sector. Your CV should highlight your qualifications and ensure that everything is laid out with correct spelling, structure, and punctuation. You can make your resume using free templated that you can source online. The details you give should be truthful and ensure that you also make yourself come across as a hardworking, ambitious, and trustworthy individual. Moreover, if you have any documents related to the oil and gas industry that you obtained when working somewhere or taking a particular class, also include it in your resume.

Talk To An Expert In The Oil And Gas Industry

At times, seeking some professional help when trying to find a job can prove fruitful. Some recruitment agents have experience placing individuals in different sectors in the oil and gas industry. So, reach out to various organizations and interact with them so that they can recommend you when they come across opportunities in the gas and oil sector that match your skills.

Your academic background or work history may play a part in the process, but should not be a significant limitation since there are numerous job opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

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