4 Stylish Halloween Outfits For Men

Halloween is coming up fast, and rather than leaving things to the last minute, it’s time to start prepping now. Although having funny outfits are usually all the rage, sometimes it can be nice to keep things on the stylish side. Getting inspired to pair up the perfect Halloween outfit can be really tricky – but don’t be scared as we have you covered!

We’ve managed to come up with four stylish outfit ideas that will make sure you’re looking a treat for the spooktacular occasion! 😉


Look number one is for those wanting to keep things simple yet effective. The key piece to the outfit is the white shirt, which can be easily DIY’d by adding in some cuts and fake blood splatters. If you want to go for a casual look, pair this with some black jeans and white trainers. On the other hand, a more formal ensemble could be achieved with some black trousers and smarter black shoes. If you’re looking for an extra detail, throw in a pair of black braces to finish-off the outfit.

The Vampire look can be completed with some red contact lenses, vampire fangs, and some easy-to-apply makeup, which is detailed in the video below.


The second outfit is perfect for those who are after a much more casual look, and better still, it’s really simple as it includes pieces that most men already have in their wardrobes. Trouser-wise, this outfit would best suit some blue cropped ‘dad’ jeans, but any pair of black or blue jeans will suffice. Next, match these up with a flannel shirt worn open and layered above a plain white t-shirt. Just like the first outfit, try to wear a cheap white tee that you can DIY with some tears and blood splatters.

There are also several choices for footwear depending on what you already have in your wardrobe. This outfit would look great matched with a pair of boots, such as Dr Martens or Timberland, but could be equally well styled with a set of much-loved high-top Converse.

The makeup for the Werewolf look is pretty tricky, but we’ve managed to find you a tutorial that is easy to follow.


Outfit number three, the Skeleton, is a classic Halloween look that can be pulled off easily. This look keeps to a black and white colour scheme and can be dressed up or down according to your preference. The focal point is a smart black blazer, which you can layer above either a white shirt or plain tee. The tee can be white, black or grey but should stick to the monochromatic theme.

Depending on your preference and how formal the occasion is, you can match this with either black jeans or suit trousers, and a pair of loafers for the finishing touch.

We’ve also managed to find you an amazing skull makeup tutorial. The final result will look fantastic, but it’s unlikely you’ll get it perfect first time, so we’d recommend practicing a couple of times before the big day.


The last of these stylish Halloween outfits is inspired by everyone’s favourite villain, the Joker. Although you can buy a cheap Joker outfit at any fancy dress store around this time of year, they’re always very basic and don’t scream style to those around you.

This stylish interpretation of the iconic Joker outfit will centre around a purple blazer, which should be layered above a white shirt and matched with a green tie. A black jean or smart black trouser would both look great, depending on your personal preference. Finally, achieve a clean finish with some black Dr Marten boots.

The Joker makeup is another tricky one that will definitely require some practice, but this tutorial should make things as simple as possible for you.

Now there are absolutely no excuses for an un-stylish Halloween outfit this year! Better still, many of the pieces used in these outfits can be worn all year round and incorporated into your wardrobe, so you won’t have to throw them away after one use.

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Written by Chris Bland

Hi there! My name is Chris and I am a 20 year old student from London! I have a passion for fashion (that rhymed!) and love creating content on the latest menswear trends. Say hello on Twitter: @itsbland


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