4 Must-Read Wattpad Fanfictions

Wattpad is one of the greatest writing platforms for aspiring writers out in the world right now. (EVEN BARBS FROM STRANGER THINGS WRITES FOR IT). In fact, many authors you may know, all started off on platform and made it in to a full time career. Take for example, Anna Todd, she started off writing her books for ‘After‘ (a Harry Styles fanfiction) on Wattpad and now she is a #1 internationally best selling author because of that series. You may have also heard of Estelle Maskame, she finished a trilogy series for her debut book ‘Did I Mention I Love You‘ at the age of 16, using Wattpad as her platform and by the age of 17, she had signed her first book deal with Black & White Publishing. She is now an internationally best selling author, at just the age of 20 years old. Ashley Royer started her Luke Hemmings fan-fiction through Wattpad and now at just the age of 18, she has published her fan-fiction ‘Remember To Forget‘ through Blink/Harper Collins and is currently working on a sequel.

Throughout my time using Wattpad, I have come across some incredible fan-fictions, that deserve a whole lot more attention than they get and I thought it’d be nice to share them with you guys. I’ve not read fan-fiction in probably over at least one or two years, however, when I did dedicate my time to reading fanfic, I came across some seriously mind-blowing, extraordinary stories that I still wish had gotten the big break that they truly deserved.

Here are 4 fan-fictions that are a definite MUST-READ:

Body Rock 

Author: Doeneseya

‘Body Rock’ is the first fan-fiction I ever discovered and I was completely hooked with it. It is a Justin Bieber fan-fic, just a heads up, and it’s about a young girl called Marissa who has always dreamt of becoming a professional dancer. With a bad past dwelling over her, luck soon comes along, when she is asked to be a part Justin’s latest tour. All seems to be going great for Marissa, until she finds herself falling unexpectedly in love with Justin, could that be a good thing or a bad thing?

Body Rock is a 6 book series, with spin-offs on the side and I couldn’t recommend it more. If you like Justin Bieber and have a taste for drama then this is the book for you. It’s a love story that will have you swooning, crying, shook and falling off the edge of your seat.

You can read the Body Rock series here.

Dreamboat / Deja Vu

Author: _DaniMoon_

Dani unfortunately doesn’t write anymore, however, I can talk about her style of writing all day long. It’s absolutely phenomenal and the story-line’s she can create are just completely out of this world. She is one Wattpad writer that I wish had been given her big break and got these published.

Dreamboat (Harry Styles fanfiction) is about a young girl called Evie, who lives a very ordinary life with her partner, constantly in the same routine every day and not really much excitement going on in her life. When Evie begins to lucid dream about the same man each time, every dream continuing from when they last finished, she finds herself falling asleep more and more just to live the extraordinary life he brings to her and soon enough she finds herself falling completely in love with somebody who doesn’t even exist.

Absolutely fabulous story, I knew this couple couldn’t be together, yet I still rooted for them either way, and the sequel Deja Vu, which I can’t really talk about due to spoilers, is just absolutely mind-blowing. The plot twist at the end really had me completely gobsmacked and I sat for at least an hour contemplating my life after the turn of events. I couldn’t recommend these two books more if I tried, just go read it and you’ll understand my excitement!

You can read Dream Boat and Deja Vu here.

Illegally Yours

Author: _DaniMoon_

So, you can probably tell I was a big fan of this Wattpad account and here’s another story by Dani, to explain why her account shouldn’t be slept on. Illegally Yours (Louis Tomlinson fan-fic) is about a young girl called Frida Mae, who has the biggest crush on the guy working next door to her as an assistant manager for a recording studio. Frida spends her spare time secretly taking photographs of Louis and being teased by her cousin and his girlfriend over her stalkerish ways. When Frida finds herself witnessing Louis in a car crash, she doesn’t send him to a hospital like any normal person would do… She takes him back to her place and convinces the concussed Louis, that they are married.

This story is literally the perfect rom-com, you will find Frida a little cuckoo, but also you will root for her to win over Louis’ heart. I love how dedicated Frida was to showing Louis that they was married, even photo shopping pictures of them together. I bow down to Frida, if I had the opportunity to convince Dylan O’Brien or Tom Holland that I was their lawfully wedded wife, then my gosh am I going to go for it. Each chapter is just completely hilarious and the characters created for this story are so incredibly unique and I absolutely adored every single person. This is just an all round perfect book that I will applaud forever, you must read it!

You can read Illegally Yours here.


Author: weyhey_harry

Psychotic is a Harry Styles fanfiction and was inspired by American Horror Story: Asylum. The Asylum season of American Horror Story is my favourite season, as I’m such a geek for Asylum’s, so this book was definitely one for me to delve in to. This fan-fic is about a young girl called Rose, who works as a nurse at a local Asylum. When a new patient is referred, Rose never thought she would fall in love with him and suddenly she made it her mission to prove her boss that he didn’t murder all those people and even went as far as to help him escape. This only caused Rose to look like a crazy patient herself and soon enough she was referred and fending for the two of them.

This is a love story that you don’t know whether to ship or scream at Rose to stay away. The relationship between the pair is consuming and beautiful, Rose knows that Harry hasn’t committed the crime he was found guilty for and doesn’t stop until she finds the proof, even if it leads to her being committed herself. The author described the Asylum and every patient so well, it kills me to say but I may even prefer this story to the one Ryan Murphy created for AHS. Eek, sorry! If you’re a psychological fan like me and feel yourself intrigued by asylums and all things crazy… This is the fan-fic for you!

You can read Psychotic here.

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