4 Fun Decorating Ideas for the Living Room

When people bring up living room decor, it’s easy to get bored and think you’ll be hearing the same old ideas.  From accent walls to statement curtains, none of it sparks the imagination or feels new.  That doesn’t have to be the case!  Your living room decor can be more than just television, a couch, and some side tables.  Here are four fun ideas to help liven up your living room and inspire you to spend more time together with your family.


Build Around Pets!

Your dogs may feel like family, and there’s no way you could replace your cat- so build a room around them!  Many companies sell ‘floating shelf’ cat runways now.  These wall units are easy to install and let you create a fun and exciting pathway for your feline to take as it explores the home.  The best way to design this is to make the path lead to something like a cat tree or couch that your pet can relax on.  The fun part is getting to see guests’ reactions the first time your cats do a lap around them!


Interactive Pieces

Art doesn’t have to be something you look at!  Interactive art can be a great way to liven up your home.  A simple way to create this is to put up pinboards in your home and pin pictures or recent memories to them.  This board can be converted to a place you pin-up cards from those who are close to you in holiday seasons.  If you aren’t sure what to pin-up, think about what’s important to you right now, what inspires you, and what you want to work towards in life.  For family homes, you can use this board as a way to get to know everyone better and grow closer together.


Multi-Purpose Areas

Americans are spending more time inside their homes than ever.  Get some use like this out of yours by looking at what you need from a room in your home right now.  Do you want a yoga area?  Are you craving a space for crafting?  Use your furniture to section off areas, and you may find a spot that you wouldn’t otherwise get to use.  You can forgo looking at Charlotte houses for sale for an added office and make use of the room you have!


Think Green

Although plants are no new idea, they’ve been around longer than human beings have; they are a great inspiration to build around.  Plants, like furniture and appliances, go through fashion ebbs and flows.  In 2019, the style was to have sizable leafed pothos plants that could vine all over your home.  In 2020, we’ve seen many people taking up caring for plants that can be used for food, everything from basil to bell peppers.  Your living room can make a statement of its own.  Think about what your style is.  What shapes, patterns, or prints inspire you?  You can use these to help you pick plants!  Surf sites like Etsy or Pinterest for plant inspiration, and bring home some greenery to breathe fresh air into your home.

Written by Monella

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