4 Fitness Myths That Can Be Detrimental To Your Health

There are lots of “facts” you’ve come across, and without confirming their credibility, believed them. The problem is many of these so-called facts aren’t true; in fact, they can spoil your fitness plans and in worse cases expose you to injuries and health problems. Let’s debunk these myths and learn the truth.

Myth 1: Performing Yoga Can’t Cause Injuries

You’ve probably heard that yoga is a gentle exercise that isn’t injury prone, right? Wrong. According to researchers from the University of Sydney, yoga causes injuries ten times more than people thing. A reported 21 percent of people who have pain before engaging in yoga insists that yoga escalated it. 10 percent of yoga practitioners say they experienced muscle pain. But this doesn’t take away the benefits of yoga which includes increased strength and flexibility and lower blood pressure. A whopping 74 percent of practitioners even reported it reduced their existing pain. For the best effect and to avoid health issues, reach out to your instructor about existing injuries or limitations before getting started on any poses and be sure your poses are safely done.

Myth 2: Riding Bikes/Cycling Prompts Infertility and Erectile Dysfunction

Another wrongly accepted fact is that cycling causes infertility. A recent study involving 5300 male cyclists has been used to debunk this myth. Some of the study sample riders rode for approximately 200 miles and eight and a half hours weekly. What this entails is riding bikes casually would see you enjoy several health benefits linked to cycling like whole-body conditioning, calorie-burning, and even increased cardiovascular health. Sadly, for older folks over 50 who engage in biking for more than eight and half hours weekly, the study indicated there’s a risk of prostate cancer. Overall, researchers have found that the benefits of cycling far outweigh any potential risks involved. If you would like to experience yourself all benefits of cycling, start prom picking up a bike at https://www.sixthreezero.com/collections/hybrid-bikes and let it become a part of your everyday life.

Myth 3: Exercising at Night Will Cause You Insomnia

Exercising won’t hamper your sleep. In fact, you would sleep easier after your workout session, no matter what time of day you choose to exercise. A review of 66 studies indicates that exercising regularly is similar to using sleep medications and will likely improve the quality of your sleep. Although experts can’t pinpoint a reason for this, they believe exercising positively affects the metabolic rates, anxiety levels, and body temperature. So, not to worry about staying up all night after a post-work workout, as you’re going to be off to dreamland easier than anticipated.

Myth 4: Morning Workouts Are Perfect for Your Metabolism

Truth is, no matter the time of day you choose to exercise, you’ll gain immensely from it and your body’s metabolism will kick in. The best time you should exercise will depend on when your body is ready to be engaged in an activity as with your circadian rhythms. For some people, late afternoons are ideal times to exercise as those are the time when lung and muscle functions are at their peak. Morning workouts are great; however, if you’re not a morning person, you won’t enjoy your activities. Also, if you’re not getting any sleep, your metabolism will most likely be low and your body chemistry won’t be in sync.


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