4 Fashion & Style Blogs You NEED To Follow!

One of the great things about the internet, is the platform that it gives to every single one of its users as a way to express themselves.

Here at Fuzzable, we believe fashion is the ultimate form of self expression, and with the continued interest, and seemingly unwavering popularity of online fashion, style and beauty blogs, it would appear many of you have that same belief too.

But with so many different blogs (all of varying degrees) out there, it can be difficult to know which ones to subscribe to… so we have selected 4 of our favourites sites that we think you will love just as much as we do! 


Together best friends Emma Thatcher and Louise Redknapp have created an uber stylish fashion, beauty and style blog aimed at inspiring and encouraging women from all walks of life to be their best selves.

Drawing upon their years of experience within the industry, the formidable duo offer a unique insight into the world of fashion, sharing their thoughts on the latest style trends, brands and beauty products as well as sharing their knowledge when it comes to travel and all things home and lifestyle. 

What is truly great about A Style Album, and what sets this blog apart from every other blog on the internet, is the way in which the ladies present their content – yes it’s aspirational, but it’s also relatable, so as a subscriber you’re not left feeling that the information in which you’re presented with is out of your reach, it’s accessible and inclusive, meaning you can apply it to your own life, and in your own way so that it works for you in your world.

Be sure to check out A Style Album here and if you like what you see, you can also follow the ladies on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.


By her own admission, twenty-something Mancunian Megan Ellaby first began blogging ‘by accident’ whilst studying fashion at University almost 7 years ago.

Having paid her dues interning with various companies, and later working with established brands such as ASOS and Schwarzkopf, this fun loving girl from the north has gone on to create a career and build a brand all of her own.

A talented stylist, known for creating on trend looks and chic ensembles, Megan is a visual artist who creates and presents visually aesthetic pleasing snapshots of her life, acting almost like a best friend/big sister of sorts to her loyal and dedicated followers posting content across 5 different categories including: Fashion, Lifestyle, Interiors and Beauty.

From street style shoots to music and book reviews, interior design inspiration to beauty routines and styling tutorials, Pages By Megan has got a little bit of something for everyone.

Follow all of Megan Ellaby’s fashion adventures on her blog and on her socials Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Fashion, lifestyle, and social commentary blog Fashion Slave is the passion project of London-based fashion writer Sophie Milner.

Aiming to empower women and challenge the stereotype of what many expect from a more traditional fashion and beauty blog, the site has come a long way since it’s origins as a contemporary style diary, capturing Milner’s everyday fashion looks and pick of stylish ensembles.

With time and experience comes wisdom, and what Sophie has managed to create through her own personal life experiences, is a thought provoking, modern day take on the trials and tribulations women in their twenties face as they try to navigate their way through this thing we call ‘life’.

Tackling real life issues, addressing social etiquette and dating, as well as focusing on the fun and frivolous side of fashion, Fashion Slave is a great source of inspiration for all things style related.

You can also follow Sophie Milner on her various social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.


Frédérique (Freddie) Harrel, is a London-based fashion blogger and former host of the confidence workshops SHE Unleashed.

Born and raised in Paris, France – this vibrant, fearless, independent woman is a force to be reckoned with, using her platform to advocate for women’s empowerment and equality.

With an impeccable sense of style and natural flare for all things fashion, Freddie Harrel’s true USP however is her ability to speak out on causes and issues that transcend the realms of the fashion industry, giving a voice to those who don’t always feel heard.

Fun and introspective, vivacious yet inquisitive and oh so full of life, Freddie Harrel is a one of a kind woman from whom we can all learn.

As well as checking out her blog, you must also follow Freddie on Instagram and Twitter.

Let us know which fashion and style blogs you subscribe to and which sites enjoy reading, over on Twitter @Fuzzable now.

Written by philip_logan

Contact: logan_philip@hotmail.com Twitter & IG: @philip_logan

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