4 Fall to Winter Fashion Secrets

As soon as it gets cold, many people put their summer clothes away and work on their Fall/Winter wardrobe, changing it over six months later. However, there can actually be big variations in what you wear in these two seasons, meaning it’s worth having a closet clear-out around November or December when the seasons change. Here are some tips for going from Fall to winter with ease.

Choose your coat carefully

Your coat needs change between fall and winter. In the fall, you generally need a light, showerproof jacket, such as those you find at Trench London. A classic belted trench coat looks great worn over jeggings and a jumper, creating a flattering silhouette. In the winter, there’s usually less chance of rain, but it’s a lot colder, so you’ll probably want to invest in something padded, faux fur or wool to get you through the coldest days.

Get thicker layers

Light layers are the fashion mantra for fall, and layers work well for winter, too, as they help trap warm air close to your body. When it’s very cold, you need a base layer such as a t-shirt, an insulating middle layer like a sweater, and an outer layer for weather protection. Fleece-lined leggings can be a great buy for the coldest days, as you can wear them under your favorite dresses and still look stylish, and don’t be afraid to look for thermal base layers if you live in an area with extreme weather such as snow and ice.

Make tweaks to your footwear

Between the two seasons, you probably won’t change your footwear an awful lot, but it’s worth winter-proofing your shoes. There’s a big difference between walking on leafy sidewalks and ones covered in thick ice, so make your shoes and boots anti-slip by scuffing the soles or using a traction spray. In the winter, you’re probably going to want to avoid thin kitten or stiletto heels, and luckily, chunky block heels are in. Thicker heels will help you keep your balance on slippery paths.

Embrace colors

During the fall, you often see people in cozy colors that reflect the changing landscapes, but during winter, people often wear a lot of black, grey, and drab colors. While these colors can look stylish, they can wash you out and make you look tired, and the lack of sunlight doesn’t help. Brighten up your day by adding some bold colors to the mix. A bright red sweater or green dress can instantly lift your look, and adding electric blue or ice white boots to an outfit changes its look entirely.

Depending on where you live, the change from fall to winter weather is either quite sudden or happens slowly, so it’s important to prep your wardrobe as soon as you notice the changes. Nobody wants to go out feeling underdressed because their outfit isn’t practical, or end up soaked because of snow or rain, so make sure what’s in your closet is seasonally-appropriate as well as stylish.

Written by Monella

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